If you participated in UniSwap, you may have over $1,200 worth of UNI in your account

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I just logged into my UniSwap account and saw I had 400 UNI available to claim.

The current price is $2.65 but it was over $3.60 when I first checked. It will fluctuate wildly as people sell their air drop.

Keep in mind gas fees are through the roof right now, unless you pay a premium it will take a while to receive your airdrop.

I paid $17 fee and it is going to take over 5 hours, if it makes it through at all.
Update: Ended up taking about 1.5 hours.

Just login at http://app.uniswap.org and see if you have an airdrop waiting for you.

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What do you think will happen to the price once the gas fees are lower?

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I think a lot of people are going to sell, but many will hold hoping for much higher price. It really could go anywhere to be honest.