Swapped my UNI tokens

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As you probably have heard by now, UniSwap did an airdrop to all users of UniSwap that did a swap prior to September 1st. The airdrop was worth $1,200 initially and peaked to over $2,000.

If you sold immediately, you likely sold around $2.65 - $3.30.
If you held out, you could have gotten as much as $7.35 (current price)

I held out for a while and sold at ~$5 which yielded me 5 ETH.

At the time I was very happy with this, if you sold immediately you got around 3 ETH.

Now the price is almost 50% higher and you could get almost 8 ETH for the same 400 UNI tokens.

Brutal, but I am very happy at getting 5 ETH free. I also have more UNI coming in, so in the end it's a pretty nice turn of events.

How long did you hold? You still holding?

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i just got to know about them today!! i've claimed the UNI but still deciding on what to do :D

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I bought 300 more.

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I'm going to start farming for them myself. I was seeing a lot of buys for them even though many sold, lots bought as well.

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