Piggybank Theory

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Piggybank theory, you all might be thinking what this piggy bank theory is?? This is a small personal bank where you put a small amount of money into your future savings. It is very popular with children. They have various types of cute small banks with lovely designs on them. Children love to have them & hide them in a secret place so that no one can find his/her treasure.

In my childhood, my father bought a little piggy bank from me when I was five. He bought that from a small shop which was made of clay. I was very happy to have that. He gave me the bank & told me that "don't waste all your money, rather save some for the future." Then he gave me a 5Tk coin & told me that "this is your first saving hope you will continue to save some." At that time, I have no idea why he told me that, but now I can understand those words' value.

From that day I started saving some money. Whenever I have any coin left in my pocket, I put it in my piggy bank. Every year we have two festivals one is Eid-ul-Adha & another is Eid-ul-Fitr. In those festivals, our elders gave us some tips with their blessing in Bengali we say salami, I save 80% of that money & put them in my piggy bank. After 2 years, my piggy bank was full, so I broke that bank & counted the money. It was around 2343tk, which is approximately $26.70. That was my first savings.

"The principles of wealth are true regarding large amounts and small amounts. It all begins with the smallest unit of currency."
---Hendrith Smith

One day later, my father brought a giant piggy bank, which was also made of clay. Again, I started saving money; I never ate outside with friends during the school tiffin period. Instead, I went home & ate the food, then again went back to school. I also saved some money from my pocket money & all that goes to my piggy bank. This is how I saved around 5000tk, which is approximately $60 bucks; that's a lot of money for me.

Now I know why my father taught me how to save money. It's something that helped me many times in many ways. Whenever I needed some money, I had some; whenever I wanted to buy something, I had my savings. Doesn't matter what the amount is, whether it's big or small we should always save some money for our future. That's the lesson my father taught me, which I will never forget.

I am applying the same theory in hive also. I am saving a tiny portion & put all of them in my piggy bank account. It might be small, but that doesn't matter for me. You all can have your own piggy bank account. You all can start now, or maybe later; it's up to you. I hope you all will apply this piggy bank theory.

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I remember when I was a kid, it was popular to save money, and I had TWO piggy banks... One was empty (lol), but the other one had some money...

And then, in a certain period of time, nobody was talking about saving... savings rates went down, and today there are even negative in some countries... Everyone talks about spending, consuming, etc...

But, I have a feeling that the importance of savings will come very soon back to people...

That is great you were able to save money in this way! Saving money is super important, especially in this day & age. It provides a little peace of mind so you are prepared for that rainy day. And it isn't a matter of it will come, it is just a matter of when...

I have an emergency fund that I do not touch except for a true emergency...this gives me a lot of room to breathe so I know if something happens, I won't clean out my entire income lol. :)

I am glad that you posted about this, because a lot of people could use this reminder. You don't even have to save a lot - just even a little something helps and can keep accumulating from there! :) Thanks for sharing with us!🧡

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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This is a great post which bring back memories of the days when our schools had a savings program. They took us to the bank and actually helped us open up a savings account, and we could do it with a just pennies. they then would collect deposits every week and take them to the bank for us. That was the days of when there was 'savings passbooks' where the stamped each deposit. I also plan to start saving some of my hive.