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The Status Network is an open set of projects that have over the years been building and are still building peer-to-peer technologies for people to transact in a safe and secure manner and communicate freely. Together, the network is building a suite of decentralized technologies from low-level protocols, to developer tools and even consumer products & applications that empowers people all over the world to take control. The Status Network focus is to ensure security, privacy, and peer-to-peer infrastructure products to enable local societies and economies to thrive.

The Status Network is driven by a goal to build the means for freedom for anyone who wants to take control back into their hands. The network provides sets of tools and infrastructure to help diverse communities around the globe achieve greater autonomy. The apps under the Status Network help to ensure private communication and the freedom to organize. There are also commerce tools that help to trade and access a wealth of open financial services. We also have Open source software for developers that helps them harness a p2p stack to create their own applications that uphold human rights and fosters economic opportunity. There are also Mobile applications that enable equal access to information and data even in the most remote areas in the world and decentralized neutral p2p protocols that don’t have a point of control.

Some of the DApps under the Status Network include;

Status Network, the crown jewel of the network, a private messaging app that protects users’ privacy by giving a three-word identity, could be something like “Torn Better Yak”, this helps to ensure anonymity. Status is also built with state-of-the-art Web 3 technology and browser that allows users access to the growing ecosystem of DApps including marketplaces, exchanges, games and social networks. The State of the art security standards ensure that users only get the best private browsing experience

Keycard, a new type of smartcard and open-source API for simple integration with crypto wallets, DApps, and hardware. Designed to safely send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies in a seamless contactless experience.

Assemble, a decentralized project funding that helps creators and developers get the funding needed to build their Web3 projects.

These are just to mention a few of the projects in the Status Network. The Status Network is definitely one that is here to stay for sure!!!