How the Liotes project grows

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The Liotes project is actually growing on different ends and through different accounts. In the Liotes News today, I would like to show you how some of our accounts are evolving.

After updating the Liotes Ranking, we are happy to announce the newest Wind Maker: @relf87. He has received a 5 LEN bonus for reaching this title, congratulations !


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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Congratulations to relf87 for becoming Wind Maker.
Stability leads to good development.

A stable base to build something big :-)

Nice report and yeah, everything needs to be recorded. Spreadsheets and other things. 🤣Keep up Liotes~

Also, congrats to @relf87 🎉

I love these spreadsheets but nobody else understands the ones I create lol :-)

Ikr it happens to me too 🤣

This project continues to grow consistently.

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Nothing to exciting but a nice steady growth :-)

Interesting idea to avoid the swapping fees. Do you avoid the withdrawing/depositing fee to HE too?

Yes as far as possible we don't withdraw/deposit anything and push the money from one account to the other. Zoltan even found a way that sometimes allows us to earn money when withdrawing. So we wait for these opportunities and then do it from our personal accounts. It's work but we save the fees :-)

Zoltan even found a way that sometimes allows us to earn money when withdrawing.

Yep, I know the service, it's pretty neat.

@Achim03, thanks for the updates.

congrats @relf87

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the update. Great project 👍

Thanks for the feed-back!

Thanks for the update! Finally made it to Wind Maker! Looking forward to more growth in the coming year!

Congratulations once again! Well deserved!

Well done! Welcome in the Wind Maker Team!

Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the support!

Congrats to @relf87 for being a new Wind Maker! I hope to follow in your footsteps next week.
Good report.

Thanks and all the best!

Congratulations @relf87 for becoming the newest WindMaker in the Liotes project.

Thank you for going into how each of the different accounts works and interplays with the others and the overall project. It is very interesting. Take care.


Our initial idea wasn't that wide, but all the additional tweaks that we have added are bringing more value to the whole project... ;)

Congratulations to @relf87 for becoming Wind Maker.

He did a great job being active and supporting our project! Big thanks to him, but also to you, old wolves who support youngsters :)

Congratulations relf97 and it's always nice to see how the liotes project is earning it's income. I like that everything is transparent.

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We did it like that from the beginning and planning to continue to be transparent as much as possible... It's important that people know what they can expect from the project before getting involved!

Heh. Congrats to my fellow Singaporean #metafrens @relf87 😜. It was all thanks to him that I learnt about Liotes. 😊


Great to hear that he showed you our little project! Nice to have you here and a big thanks to @relf87 for inviting you!

Nice and steady growth, ai can only imagine the spreadsheetmayhem going on. Shared accounts with big funds are always hard to hndle. You are doing a great job!

Thank you! It's easier when we split work into two parts... 😃


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