ANNOUNCING - Hive Rally Zealy Campaign🚗🏁// 1500 HBD in prizes ❗️❗️

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I want to take this time to announce the start of the Hive rally car Zealy campaign that will commence in a little more than 24 hours.

Prize Pool 💰:

  • 1500 HBD

Tasks include 🔨:

  • Quoting tweets on X.
  • Uploading provided content to your personal accounts.
  • Commenting, liking, retweeting.
  • Using specific tags.

Important information 🚩:

  • The prize pool will be distributed among the people doing the Rally Section, not the whole section. There will be a separate leaderboard and people do not need to finish other sections to win the 1500 HBD prize!
    You can of course finish other quests for bigger prizes but the rally and non-rally sections do not affect each other. This means that the Rally Car Zealy leaderboard starts from 0 for all!


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Posted Using InLeo Alpha

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Love to see the car in the air again and our great driver smiling. What's your favorite moment with the #Hive rally car?? @steevc @princessbusayo @CrptoGeek

This is going to be really exciting and I can't wait to see how this plays out as I plan to join in the zealy and cheer this on. That's a good enough prize but I want to believe a lot of participants will do it for Hive 😍🚀

Hey @peacious @sperosamuel15 @glorydee you guys would love to be part of this 😊

A week full of good news, it's great to know that Hive is in the race too, and of course we must be the pilot as a community to all the witnesses of this advantageous race.

I invite you to join, you can't be left behind.

@fermionico @edwardstobia @oscariart

It is extraordinary the campaign you are doing, placing #HIVE in a car rally will give more visibility, I am excited to know how this will boost us, I would like to invite my friends @sacra97 @pirulito.zoado @valeryc #inleo

Having a hive rally is a whole new level for us all and participating in this to spread the world is something that I really want to do and I hope @littlebee4, @joetunex and @melinda010100 are also willing to be a part of it 🥰.

This is what I was talking about. Where are my car-loving friends? You need to see this. What a nice prize. Even I want it, I'm glad it's starting from 0 for everyone, it's only fair. Come check this out.

Come and participate in this competition.

@abicaro @honeymoon-1611 @richjr

I'm very excited about this campaign and I'm sure it will be a success!This will be another great opportunity to compete for generous prizes!

hey @lipe100dedos, @shiftrox, @kaibagt and @lincemarrom, I think you might be interested in this competition!

obrigado por me marcar! certamente vou olhar ela sim!

Looking forward to the campaign. I am always big on supporting anything hive so I am all in 100%. Let's go.

@lizzyblue2 @paulzeks @blezyn check this out 🤡


I would love to see you join us 🙃

I'll check it out sometime. Don't have really have the head for it now😶

no problem. We will appreciate whatever time you have to spare.

WOw this is interesting, let's the rally begin , is all win win please @sefano.massari @gaboarzola @svanbo please come and see and interesting campaign here
Please join

This Hive Rally Car Zealy campaign is exciting and a great way to spread awareness about our blockchain. It would be awesome to be involved through our own participation not to mention the chance at winning some prizes too.

Hey @lee1938 @skyehi @b-hive, I thought you might want to check this out and get involved.

I'm grateful you mentioned me I'll definitely be checking it out... Wanted to take a break off of work before checking ❤️ @ifarmgirl-leo

Great to hear and do take your time :)

Will do friend👍❤️

I will check it soon. Thanks for the suggestion

cool, reblogged, my awareness post coming up soon as well @wallay @treasuree @jessicaossom new hive rally zealy campaign is here, be a part.

This is going to be awesome and I am looking forward to it. I will be a full participants and add value to the zealy campaign. Check it out you don't want to miss it. @funshee @skiptvads62 @lesmann708

Thank you very much @iamchuks

This is awesome. Seems like something cool is already getting cooked for Hive through this collaborative community marketing effort which will be explored through the Zealy marketing campaign. Haha.

I've been keeping tabs on updates about Hive Rally and I recently listened to you talk about it in a couple of X spaces. At the moment, I'm set and already filled with a surge of anticipation and I'm looking forward to the Rally.

Of course, I will also join this Zealy Campaign to play my part in promoting Hive Rally. This is awesome.

Have a look @marito74 @busari46 @irene007

This is the beginning of something great, @kingsley @fashtioluwa check this out❤️

This is wonderful.
This campaign will be massive and spread the news abroad.

@cheeamka @marynn @jms101 come and join this to share in the 1,500HBD pool prize

Thanks so much for the invite.

Count me in 😎

There are two hive people who came to my mind who are good on X/Twitter @nonsowrites @neopch

Time to get involved on the impressive car rally that Hive Blockchain is supporting and managing. I'm very pleased with the methods of getting everyone involved via the zealy campaign.

Please join @mcsamm, @collinz and @tydynrain

Thanks for the mention. Getting involved in such a renowned event is a pleasure.

Thank you for the tag, Sammy! I'll see about getting myself involved again! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

It's going to be an awesome experience as it's always exciting, I can't wait for it I'm always in full support and I'm looking for the campaign again. I can't wait to join Zealy Compaign and and promotion on Hive Blockchain technology. To me, it's not about the prize, but Hive Blockchain. And I'm willing to do anything to support this.

I'm inviting @fonpet, @edbass,@godstring you guys can't miss out on this very campaign

Thanks for the invite😊

It is extraordinary the campaign you are doing, placing #HIVE in a car rally will give more visibility, I am excited to know how this will boost us, I would like to invite my friends @chinito @pirulito.zoado @marsupia #inleo

WOW! Another Great Campaign to promote HIVE over the world. This might be one of the best initiative move from the community. The Prizepool is also huge. I must be participated in the mcampaign.

Hey @queenstaarr @haditamary @ayamihaya ladies! I need you to be a contributor in this cam,paign. Let's win together.

Alysha!! How do I do to contribute in the campaign?

Join the Hive's Zealy Community and do simple tasks

Yes!!!! What are the tasks, can you please send me the link with the post of the tasks? 🙏

Exciting news for #WRC rally enthusiasts! 🚗💨 It's fantastic to see #Hive's involvement as a sponsor in this amazing sport.

You should check this @kaibagt @talon12 @zitalove

Thanks for the tag dear

Rally is the best

This is awesome, I am completely in. Aside for the fact that there is price involved, it will publicise Hive to the world

Finally🔥, the long awaited hive rally zealy campaign is about to commence, not only is this campaign important for the growth of hive, it is also important to we the hivers as we get to learn and witness something great outside the blockchain, I will say let’s all go in big time zealians, let’s promote the rally in the very best way possible and I am sure @burlarj @prayzz and @essygold1 would love to be a part of this campaign, and don’t forget you stand to win from the prize pool of 1500$ just from doing quests, let’s go all in friends…

I will definitely participate at this time, my cutlass is well sharpened now.

Please come to discord soon

I will today

It seems like a cool opportunity, but I don't understand how this second leadearboard will be calculated. By hand? Check it out @splinter100dedos @aiuna

Good stuff!

Wow that's impressive, yiu should check this out @nkemakonam89 @moremoney28 @quduus1

Thanks brother

This is awesome; this is the best way we can market Hive at large. I believe this Hive rally car will go a very long way. These are some juicy prices for everyone.

@aslamrer @oluwadrey @depressedfuckup you should check this out.

Wow, really interesting and exciting update here. I am eagerly waiting to see how this plays out as I plan to join in the zealy and participate actively. The prize pool is huge and enticing! I hope that many hivers will participate and share in the prize 😍
@momogrow @sholex94 and @amiableamara you really need to come and check this awesome update out!

@ddn688 @jmis101 have a look at this guys

Thank you very much dear for the mention

You are welcome.

Alright dear

Thanks for the info boss.

@amakauz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ ddn688. (1/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.


Dear @ddn688, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @amakauz.

This is awesome, firstly I know I love rally racing and this is gonna be an interesting one for me. By the way The zeally campaign for this rally will be an interesting one as we will put in all our efforts to push out hive rally to the masses. I know this will be of interest to @tiyumtaba @goldencrow @abdul01

This is awesome. Check this out, @playmaker1, @mission020 and @wemah. There’s a massive prize pool of $1500. Come let’s hyoe up the hive rally and zealy.

Great! This is impressive.

@rubilu @depressedfuckup check this out.

@wondex and @salsh, kindly check out this great opportunity

Great. More chances to win and participate in this campaign. Check out this publication and don't miss the opportunity @saraleo @nanixxx @juliom

Nice, this is interesting. check this out @starstrings01 and @emrysjobber.

Awesome, the sharing formula and task techniques is good, it will be very interesting.

@houseofdavid and @oluwpen check this out.

@mheena123,@chris-uk and @nana-hive come check this out. It is the hive rally car zealy campaign , it’s finally coming into action who would want to miss out on a prize pool of 1500HBD.. I’m so happy to see hive go this far yay🎉😁

I really need to get into the Zealy action!

Ooh my God
I'm interested

Another interesting one @wealthwess @jazclassic @wongi, what do you think?

Can we also do this one too? I thought it's for new people other than us

Everyone can. It's a different zealy.

How to go about it? Do you bring two new members who haven't joined the Zealy campaign yet or you can use the same person from Zealy campaign to join in again?

@lordbutterfly please can I use your first image on my blog?

I am sure there are some people who see this big news unless they are tagged @ayokunlehenry @teewhy120 @sam9999 oya oo, come and see

@jjmusa2004 @emreal. Check this campaign. Might be worth it

Wow... Thanks boss

This is beautiful, come check this out @monica-ene and @didiyilji

Thank you so much, I am heading over there 🎉🥳

Beautiful opportunity for me to learn more. I can't wait @isaacngore, @johnuko, @inibless

Thank you so much for the mention dear

This is an opportunity we have been waiting for.

Thanks for the invite

You're welcome

This is really fascinating, so ready to join. @peckypeace, @offia66 @abiatharetiko check this out

This is awesome. Semss like something cool is already getting cooked. Haha. I've been keeping tabs on updates about Hive Rally and it's nice to see that Zealy is getting used to promote the rally.

This will be awesome.

Have a look @balikis95 @idksamad78699

Thank you. This is awesome

Please advise what I am supposed to write here .. I am so confused :)



I tried that, but did not work
I ll try it again :)

now it worked

Hehe, you did well.

This is awesomely great, and I am already smiling. Hello @rukkie and @beckyroyal, and @holler, come and check this new stuff out. Hive is paving a way with a rally car! And zealy is promoting as usual.

I am already in a countdown mood. It is thrilling to see.

Wow, thanks for the tag.

You are welcome 😊.

Thanks for tagging me dear

wow that's re

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