Marketing Update 29 - Brave Ads Live / Redesign.

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I know I am a bit late with the update for this last week but I had a few things to deal with on the side so here it is.

  • Id say the biggest news so far this week is that Brave ads have gone live yesterday. Some have suggested the pump and ads going live are corelated. The ads did go live just a few hours prior to the pump but I cannot say for certain if the pump was related to the Brave ads, some insider trading of those tracking Brave partnerships, or not.

The landing page is focused on the "in your face" trading pairs supplemented with the initial ad message. Its goal is to attract a "certain kind of investor".
Ive tried to keep the ad messaging simple, catchy and to the point.

There are currently 5 ad messages active on 5 platforms (windows, IOS, Android, Mac OS and Linux):

Snimka zaslona 411.png
Snimka zaslona 412.png

The campaign is set for Cost per click. Ill be sharing some of the report numbers as we go. The campaign will run till 5.11.2021. I will evaluate the results at that point.

Snimka zaslona 413.png

  • The other thing I wanted to share is the redesign. I will be making a separate post regarding the site itself and putting it to vote to see if people like the new design or the old one. Seeing if they want some more changes done.
    The design itself is reminiscent of landing sites for many of the Trending blockchains right now.
    I wanted to modernize the Home page and the Join page the most. I feel that a flashy animation catches the eye better than what we have on the current site.
    Ive added a bit utility to that page in form of the "news bar". That should give current information to anyone visiting the page and give a notion of activity.
    Ive changed the Dapp logo pop ups to be scroll over instead of click. In 3 years here I have never once clicked any of the logos or even knew they could be clickable until i started looking at a redesign.
    Added a few animations.
    The "Join page" is more interactive now. I think its esthetically more pleasing.
    The exchange links on bottom of the page are now more obviously clickable.
    Some other stuff as well.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Ill put this to vote to see if the community wants to change the current site into this one or not. If not, the assets on this page will be freely available for anyone that wants to use them for something else.

WEBSITE: (This is a preview site and the servers are a bit slow. The loading wont be slow once the site is live.)

  • 3 review videos will go live soon. Some talks in progress. Ive started another IRL promotional initiative. All will be shared as I move it along. :)
    Ill see you soon.

This is really awesome. DHF being put to good use.

@stefano.massari, tale a look on this post. Maybe it could be interesting for you

Questa è una notizia importantissima. Grazie per il tag Lyra-b




I think i should watch it again :D

Good Job LordButterfly, thanks for working on the marketing, much appreciated. Website is much improved.

Can't wait to see how the brave ads perform.

Ill do a vote in a couple days to see if this new design is preferred.

Low fees is good. Zero fees is even better. 😃

thats my favorite as well. 😅

Cool Brave ads wording, and the design of the new hive page is awesome, love the black/red color way and the spinning logo is sleek.

I love the new design for the website

Thank you for your service.

I am so happy to see Hive keep chugging along. Even when I lose faith there are teams of incredible people pushing it along for us.

Thank you. I am so excited for Hive's future. It is slowly becoming what I hoped it to be when I started.

Thanks for update!

Great ads. I thought the pump was another Korean pump and dump ….but I saw a spike in active users today, might be you guys. Either way this is fantastic.

Looking forward to the recap, nice nice

logo animation on the test page is probably not placed right (so i assume it will be fixed in final). looks ok.

Try reloading a few times. It is placed right on my screen.

hive site.jpg

same on brave and chrome

i should maybe correct myself, it is in the right place but size/resolution or something else is not showing as it should. it is cut off and not blended.
i was just guessing that if it should be smaller it would blend better and not be cut off.

Youre probably zoomed out of your browsers. That happens to me when i zoom out to 70%

on 100% this happens, if i go to 125 it is fine :D

Ill check what might be the issue

also i know almost nothing about site design or coding but maybe go with smaller logo with more black empty space. it would probably blend better with the black site (as the glow effect in animation is making that black to not really be black)

I'll try to resist the urge to click when I see a Brave ad but I will screen shot it! Great work again.

Lol. Yeah. I forgot to say that. It would probably be best if active Hivers didnt click them. :)

I got the hint from "pay per click". You might be breaking some burried click wrap term or condition if you ask people not to click 😏

pay per click can be misunderstood by noobs.

Hive gets paid per click, much help, much wow

Beautiful work, I really like it and thank you for working on Hive marketing.
Thanks a lot and Hive ON!


Great to see someone working in a dedicated way on marketing.

Took a look at the site under development. I'm not a fan of dark backgrounds but I know some are. One of the main reasons I don't like dark backgrounds is I find the text is too bright. You might want to consider going with a bit larger body text with a SLIGHT gray tinge to cut the bright a bit. The larger helps those of us over 50 see easier. It does seem that we have a broad age group accessing Hive.

I found the logo placement on the main page worked flawlessly for me. Didn't actually notice the animation the first time I looked and that actually is a good thing. Subtle animation is something I very much prefer. It gives me that opportunity to 'discover' it rather than it jammed in my face.

The DHF title.. you might want to consider, even if in small print, adding the words beside it. The title as it is does nothing to draw me to read the text.

Did you intend to have the text from the Ecosystem section repeated under wallet? It doesn't really say anything about wallet.

I like the popups when you hover over the icons on the ecosystem ... nice job. The type is a bit small but worth the squint and the layout is clean.

Bit of a nitpick but on the Exchanges section ... maybe drop 'the' from the sentence. It flows nicer when it reads: Hive is available at top exchanges for secure transactions

That moving body text is irritating. The first time it's disorienting to see and after a while, having to pause for the text to stop moving is irritating.

Sorry, I know you're doing a lot of work and I don't like giving the negative feedback but if no one says anything you don't get how others see it.

Overall, other than what I've noted, the site is clean and easy to follow.


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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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Thanks for sharing interesting info have a great day

I got one of these ads the other day. I was surprised but delighted. :)

Had a look at the preview site. Looks pretty cool. Obviously, things will change a bit as finalization takes place. Good thinking! Keep it fresh!

I actually just saw a Brave Hive ad. I was surprised to see the onboarding site was not verified on Brave. You'll get BAT donations by current users if you do.


A post to read in depth and understand more about this world of finance on the web and especially HIVE whose platform is constantly evolving. I agree with the new design. Thanks for sharing. :)
By @hojraskita

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very interesting