New Zealy Campaign / 5000 HBD prize💰

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Considering I havent had a chance to really dig deeper in what was being done with Zealy in the past I couldnt get a full understanding of how it works and how it can be used for projects like the Hive car to an even greater effect.

This time around ill be trying to do a few tasks myself, get involved and grab as much of that 5000 HBD prize (and other) as I can!

Should be fun.
Can you beat me at the social media game? Join Zealy and lets see! 😎


If you havent had enough incentive so far to be involved with promoting Hive and Hive related dapps, now you do. hehe

Prize Pool 💰:

  • 5000 HBD
  • 100k Hive Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k Leo Power Pool in delegations for a month.
  • 100k SPS tokens.
  • 30 InLeo Premium for a month.
  • 1k $POSH tokens.
  • 10k $ZING tokens.
  • 10k WOO bucks.

Tasks include 🔨:

  • Engaging on X, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Uploading content to your personal accounts.
  • Commenting, liking, retweeting.
  • Using specific tags.

I noticed that SPS and ZING will also be a part of the rewards. As someone thats been with Splinterlands from day one, and with Holozing (a new project) as well, I cant say that didnt excite me. Especially with the prospects of Land that is launching in a few hours.
Who knows?!
Those 100k SPS and 10k ZING might soon be worth more than the 5000 HBD. 🤷‍♀

Might be smart to get your hands on them here if you can.


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I don't have Facebook/Instagram or Tiktok - I'm out again.

I mean you have twitter. A lot of stuff will be happening there.

Yeah, I like your consciousness, determinations to win this time around and your focus, with all these working tools of winning and promotions, you are probably already a winner, keep it up.

I've never participated in a Zealy campaign before but this time I will. I don't see you as a competitor because I have a feeling you'll be better than me but I'll definitely do my best :P

This is just a little fun to spice it up. hehe.

It is cool that you are planning to get involved
You may be a very big winner in the challenge
You know?

Probably not but if I can help get a few more people to participate id done my job

Get that mon mon! aka crypto

Haha. You want in? Id like some competition. hehe

I'm hammering away at it a bit already. I mean you can't really go wrong promoting hive and other projects all the while earning a little extra on top of it all.

This campaign is very good and its reward is also very much so all people will participate in it so that they can get good reward.

I might check this out and will use your link.

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I check this out, seems exciting...

This is awesome, I'm very glad to be a part of what is happening right now, I have already joined zealy marketing campaign project, it's really a place to be, to quicken my mind, brain and thought, I'm enjoying zealy right away, hehe!