dCrops Adventures - Winter Season

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Time to plan and plant

Another new season begins in what is slowly but steadily becoming my favorite #play2earn game in the space. dCrops is better than ever after the new reward NFTs were implemented, and there's still a long way to go as far as development is concerned. There's a lot in the works right now; it will be very interesting to see how everything plays out once the Beta edition has rolled out.

By the way, I just scored my first reward NFTs after completing all Season 27 quests, and claimed 22 quest chests. As a result, I now also own resource NFTs, and am planning to just hold on to them until we have a clear picture of how the upcoming additions will work. For now, it's just speculation, but I expect some positive price action in the coming weeks. I guess we will find out.

Source: dcrops.com

I will be sure to return with another blog post breaking down my Season 27 rewards and the way I'm planning to use my loot for maximum profit, so stay tuned!

Let's get down to business

Season 28 has officially started, and it's winter season. This time around I'm better prepared as I went on a shopping spree the last couple of days and added many seed NFTs to my collection. The truth is I went the extra mile and bought more seed NFTs after the linked publication was created, but didn't report those purchases. They will be included in my next update together with some more Garlic and Carrot NFT purchases. Yes : stay tuned!

My goal is to keep all farmlands occupied across the entire span of each season, and I must say I'm almost there. At this point, I only need to spend less than 50 HIVE to reach full capacity for every season, so I'm expecting to get it done before the end of next week.

Still holding 50 unopened Alpha packs which I'm not going to open or sell any time soon, and I'm also still stacking each and every CROP token I can get my hands on. I added another 2,805 CROP tokens to my stack last season and am currently holding 53,7k of those babies. The 100k CROP mark is not that far away considering that the rate at which I earn CROP is probably going to double after my recent purchases.

Here's a close-up view of my CROP factory:


And here's the bigger picture:


Such wow!

This time I used 5 Mystery Seeds earned from the previous season's quest. I also applied Ferti-Plus to 11 out of my 147 land plots, so I'm hoping for some 2-star and 3-star Onion and Cabbage crops upon harvest. It's worth noting that I started a new season quest before planting anything, plus I used some CROP to reroll a couple of my quests in order to only have to work with seeds from the current season.

Here's the deal:


More boosters and reward NFTs are on the way. I hope I will manage to score some Gold Ore once the remaining 4 quests have been completed. Fingers crossed!

Winter season breakdown

This winter I am planting 17 Epic, 44 Rare and 223 Common seeds. No Legendaries, but it's going to be a very productive season regardless.


  • 5 Awesome (Epic)
  • 46 Fertile (Rare)
  • 40 Average (Common)

Seeds (S):

  • Onion (Epic): 17
  • Cabbage (Rare): 45 *(1 Mystery Seed)
  • Radish (Common): 179
  • Peas (Common): 48 *(4 Mystery Seeds)

Base selling price (B):

  • Onion: 10
  • Cabbage: 24
  • Radish: 13
  • Peas: 3

Quantity produced (Q):

  • Onion: 7
  • Cabbage: 1
  • Radish: 1
  • Peas: 5

Expected share rewards (E) (minimum):
E = Σ[Si x Bi x Qi], n = 4 =>
E = (17x10x7) + (45x24x1) + (179x13x1) + (48x3x5) =>
E = 5,317

As explained in all previous reports, this is the minimum amount of shares to be earned; I will score more shares if I get lucky and harvest some 2-star and 3-star quality crops, not to mention the fact that my Onion seeds have a +25% chance of producing multiple crops on harvest.


  • Did you know? There have been changes to the NFT burn system. You can read the official announcement for the details.

  • A Splinterlands tournament with DEC, CROP and Alpha Packs as prizes has been organized and will take place on June 11, 2022. Register here!

This is great to see. We need to let the word out, and such moves will definitely help the cause. Let's show the world what they have been missing out on.

Final thoughts

The #play2earn frenzy is no joke. It was never easier to earn money from home, and if it weren't for everything going wrong in the world right now, I believe the space would be experiencing a massive rally today. dCrops will one way or another get the attention it deserves, and I know for a fact I will be around to reap the rewards.

Just give it some time for now and keep building those bags.

Join the fun

Haven't tried dCrops yet? You can sign up using my referral link - it's mandatory! xD

Want to stay tuned with the latest developments? Follow the game's official blog on the Hive blockchain.

Looking for more info? Join the game's official discord server.

Never forget!


I'm just a random guy with opinions. This is by no means financial advice. Just my personal thoughts and experiences.

Have a good one everyone!

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This game looks super complicated to me, but it seems like you’ve figured it out perfectly. Do you think it’s likely to go mainstream and stay?

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No clue brother! The game is at a very early stage at this point, with something like 1,830 active players in total. However, I am very impressed with the way it's evolving; if Kitty decides to expand the team and start stepping up his marketing game, I believe there's plenty of room for growth.

For now, it just offers juicy APY and is a very convenient way of earning HIVE passively on a daily basis. That's reason enough for me to keep pushing!

Oh yeah, plus all Alpha NFTs and Packs have seen massive growth since the beginning. The dCrops economy is growing stronger by the day.


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