dCity for Homeless Charity / Call for a European Homeless Charity Program

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Recently I learned from the dear @detlev, the initiator of the account @homeless-city and the charity project, that it is so far soon again, and a larger amount can be sent out as a donation. In the past @detlev with the project has already donated twice 100€ to the Institute of Global Homelessness. You can read the two reports here: Report 1 and Report 2

Now the time has come again! Once again a great amount of money has been raised by the community around Hive and dCity. This amount should now be donated again and for this purpose we are looking for a European charity organization where it is possible to donate money.

A call to you!

Do you have an idea which European institution that cares for homeless people could benefit from a donation? Suggest it in the comments, please! The fellow @detlev would be very happy if you could link a few good charity projects - if necessary even some where you have already made experiences. The organization should be in the European area this time.

Thank you very much!

To contribute to the project myself, I just sent 60 Homeless NFT cards to the account @homeless-city and set the @homeless-city account for some beneficiarie in this post.



As I live on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic I will nominate the only thing done in my small town of 20.000 people.
Ungfru Ragnheidur
They provide basic healthcare, food and clean needles for homeless in Akureyri.
As I know many of the unfortunate that use their service I know how vital they are.
I support the initiative you are making with the homeless city, and will soon put my hive where my mouth is and support the city in a real way!

Do you have some more "solid" information about that "Ungfru Ragnheidur"

No I do not because there is no more, people in Iceland seem oblivious to the growing population of homeless people. I didn’t find anything more solid than a Facebook page 😔

Many thanks for the support dear @louis88

Ich hab zwar keine Ahnung, welche Organisation da geeignet wäre, möcht aber hier sagen, wie grossartig ich solche Projekte finde, wirklich klasse 😍