Could El Salvador News Stop a Bitcoin Bear Market? | Crypto Q&A June 2021

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In this month's cryptocurrency Q&A, we'll be touching on the El Salvador news, DeFi on Bitcoin, what I'm currently reading & more.

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We didnt spend any real amount of time in the 20-30k range. I wouldn't be shocked to see it go back down there and spend some time in that range at some point. Everything seems to be deflating, alts spending time at these prices is not a good sign.

I really hope not. But definitely wouldn't rule it out!

Funny thing about a potential bear market is that we won't know for sure until we dip back down to the doubling curve at $20k... but if we get to the doubling curve at $20k we'll automatically be back in a bull market. Irony.

Yeah it's a very weird one. Didn't really go high enough for a top that would allow us to drop 80% without dropping below the previous ATH of 20k!



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You're welcome!

I think so.

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