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We are counting down to April 30th, 2023, which is the auspicious date for the Thread Adoption Campaign, otherwise known as Sprint Quest.
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I know you might have read several publications about threads and adoption campaign and may have wondered what they are all about. Don't worry, that's why I'm here to let you know all about it.

  • First, what is Threads?
    If you have been using Twitter, which is a microblogging platform, then you already have an idea of what Threads is. But the unique difference with threads is that it is built in the Hive blockchain, meaning it is a decentralized microblogging platform and the developers are the LeoFinance team.

  • Secondly, What is Thread Adoption Campaign?
    This is the main gist of the moment and every corner of the Hive blockchain and other socal media platforms are buzzing like the HiveBuzz with the news of this campaign, hahaha!

The LeoFinance team has given a final update that the Thread which has been in for months now is ready to be launched for massive use. And to enhance this, they are calling on everyone to join in letting all the four corners of the world know about this unique and "new cub" called Threads. Yes, you read right. In other words, it's a call for us to "go ye into the world and make disciples of all threads" - this is simply what Thread Adoption Campaign is.

The good news about this campaign is that there's a pool prize of $10k which will be shared amongst participants with the highest XP.
Not only that, there's also a whooping 100k HP delegation for two communities whose representatives win in the quest.

This is great, right? I really want you to be part of it. You may ask why? Here are some reasons.

  • To Help Broadcast Threads and Promote LeoFinance Community. LeoFinance needs more visibility and by participating in this campaign you will be helping in broadcasting and promoting the community within and outside the Hive ecosystem, which will in turn lead to achieving the target goal of reaching 5,000 MAU's and even more by the end of the 4th quarter. So you see LeoFinance needs all our support to grow.
  • You Are Positioning Yourself For Recognition. By participating in this contest, you are already showing solidarity for the community and if you eventually win, the community will recognize your effort in promoting it.
  • In this contest, you can get so many information and equally learn so many things about the community. Not only that, you will be building your network in the Hive ecosystem too.
  • Finally, this contest comes with a reward, a prize pool of $10k, and if you win, you will get part of the share.

Are you aware that these tasks are not too hard?
In fact they are simple and I guess fun too. It involves doing daily, weekly quests, and main quests. Each day comes with a different task and you are required to complete them to claim your reward which is XP. It can either be to

  • Make a thread
  • Make a tweet or retweet.
  • Make a post on social media platforms
  • Follow someone on Hive or other social media platforms
  • Invite frens etc.
    You see, they are simple tasks and anyone can complete them with a speed of the lightening . But wait, what if these are the real tasks, that means I've given you an expo!, lol

My Expectations From The Quest

  • Like I wrote earlier that the quest will be easy, I expect it to be actually so.

  • I look forward to seeing it becoming a pacesetter for other Zealy quests.

  • The team hopes to achieve a 5,000 MAU's at the end of the 4th quarter and I expect this quest to be a medium for achieving that.

  • I look forward to #threads also being a pacesetter for other microbiology platforms.

  • I expect to be among the winners and to bring the support of 100k HP delegation to the community I will be representing.

How To Prepare for the Contest?

  • Register and join the campaign on I have done that and have equally checked the pre-tasks and I must say, they are easy.
  • Stake some Leo, possibly become a kitten, which is from 1k Leo stack, and that I have.
  • Delegate some Leo for the campaign like 20, 50, 100, 200 and as small or as much as you can.
  • Invite more and more friends to join the campaign by sending out your invite links. This I've done too.
  • Share the information of the campaign #threads and also in social media platforms. This I'm already doing.
  • If you can, represent a community too. I will do so and I have made #threads about it.

Although there have been other quest in the, none can be compared to the Leofinance Sprint quest with reference to

  • Planning, promotion and organization, everything is top notch.
  • Prizes to be won both for individual winners and for the support the communities they represent will receive. It is huge.

Since I got onboard threads, I have been enjoying every single moment spent there.
This thread link reveals it all.

Finally, joining this campaign is as simple as a, b, c. Here's what you will do; click on the link right here

Don't wait, do it now. Follow the instructions on the dashboard to get registered.

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! in advance for I know you will be among those to enjoy the $10k pool prize!!!

While you are enjoying the money, don't forget to stack up some Leos for the #lpud. Remember it's on the 15th of every month. See you there.

This is my submission post to the LEO&HODL CONTEST
organized by @hodlcommunity, @leofinance, @idiosyncratic1 and I equally invite @wongi @ibbtammy and @princessbusayo to the contest.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Oh dear @luchyl you've said it all. We're all looking forward to tomorrow. How time flies so fast, few months ago, May felt so far.

This was a very educative post.

It's just few hours and it will kick off.
Thanks for the commendation.

Eager to see how it goes.

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