Crypto market is bleeding :( where is the bottom? | 3speak crypto talk

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Hi everyone happy tuesday to you. Market is taking bloodbath but we have to take it in positive way because this is time when we are getting things in discounted price why not grab this opportunity?

Well i have checked many experts opinion yesterday and according to them 28k or 30k is the bottom. So once we get the bottom we can see some positivity in the market.

What is your thoughts guys? let me know in the comment,.

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I agree with you completely, one should never invest in anything without proper research. My research says that Hive is the place to be and is also a great place to park my money for a while and now that the price is first-year low I am feeling pressure to buy as much as I can afford. This is not financial advice just me.

But, i will take it as a financial advice because i love financial advice which is related to hive :p ♥