The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Hello, friends. Today I would like to touch on a very complex topic. This topic affects us all and it is artificial intelligence (AI). Yes, that technological revolution that everyone is talking about and that promises to change our lives in ways we can't even imagine. That's more than true, but how much is it going to change our lives, positively or negatively? Well, it depends on who you ask, but it sure is a topic we can't ignore.

Let's talk about medicine. It turns out that artificial intelligence is entering the health battlefield, and not just as an observer. At Stanford University, specialists developed an AI-based diagnostic tool capable of analyzing chest X-ray images. It doesn't just analyze; it is able to give a diagnosis as accurate, if not more accurate, than the best radiologists at Stanford. Now, what could this mean? Well, that in the future, we could have faster and more accurate diagnoses thanks to these machines that understand diseases better than a doctor.

Speaking of doctors, can you imagine a world where doctors are replaced by robots and algorithms? Some are terrified at this idea, but honestly, I think it's more of a complement than a replacement. Imagine this: your trusted doctor working hand-in-hand with an intelligent machine that has access to an infinite amount of medical information. That would translate into more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatments and less room for error. It doesn't sound bad. But not all that glitters is gold. There are always those who use technology in a harmful or negative way. Will it be any different?

Another worrying concern is the use of robots in the jobs that people occupy today. This is already evident. We can google Amazon Go and we will see an example that in a short time will be possible in stores and supermarkets. That huge place where you walk in, grab what you need and just walk out. No cashiers, no salespeople, just technology. And while it's amazing, it's also scary. Does this mean that retail workers are destined for job extinction? It's a real risk, and honestly, I shudder to think of a world without the friendly "How can I help you?" from a salesperson.

And don't think surveillance escapes the encroachment of artificial intelligence - always under surveillance? It's a possibility. In China, they're already using facial recognition to detect violators crossing crosswalks illegally. Imagine being caught by a machine simply for not respecting the STOP sign. Privacy is at stake, and it's one of those things that makes us question whether we really want to live in a world where machines are constantly watching us.


So what else does this future full of algorithms have in store for us? Will we be able to trust these machines to make important decisions? Or will they lead us down a path where we lose our human essence? But honestly, I think it's up to us how we manage the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So here we are, immense in the transition of a new technological stage, not knowing exactly where it will take us. But what choices do we have? Uncertainty always brings more questions than answers, and in this case, the answers lie only in the future.



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