LeoThreads: The Loophole To Posting GENERAL TOPIC Content on LeoFinance

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LeoThreads: The Loophole To Posting GENERAL TOPIC Content on LeoFinance

Until recently, LeoFinance restricted its topics to finance (including crypto). What changed? The #LeoThreads section.

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One of the largest tribes or communities on Hive, LeoFinance is famous for being topic-restricted. Posts related to finance (which includes cryptocurrency) are welcome. Unrelated content is sanctioned. Posts about Bitcoin, gold, postage stamps, and other commodities are encouraged. Posts for poetry, house cats, sunflowers, and dancing are not.

Until now.

Something Changed

Did LeoFinance become a general-topic tribe? No.

Did LeoFinance switch its topic focus from finance to something else? No.

When it comes to topic focus, LeoFinance is the same as it ever was.

What Changed?

LeoThreads has come to Hive and parked itself at LeoFinance.

As LeoFinance moves closer to making #project-blank a reality, it took the next step and set aside a portion of its space for microblogging.

When Project Blank (not the final name) is officially launched, it will be a fully-formed microblogging platform on par with its Web 2.0 competitors (including the one Elon Musk is being sued to buy).

What This Means

Since Project Blank is meant to be a microblogging platform and not a tribe or even community, it will be available to anyone who has a Hive account.

Not including the usual disclaimers (no hate, no child pornography, no violence, etc.), nearly any kind of topic can be posted-- threaded-- to LeoThreads.

It also means that long form content meant for LeoFinance remains restricted to finance (itself a broad unbrella category).

Basic "Threading" Mechanics

Behind the Scenes

When we thread to LeoThreads, what happens in reality is this:

  • Each day a LeoFinance post is created to serve as a container for top-line comments and their replies.
  • These top-line comments are the "threads" we post using the LeoThreads interface.
  • Multi-part threads are simply comments containing one or more replies.


This is the post made on LeoThreads. (Think tweet.)

On LeoThreads, each thread can be up to 240 characters.

⚠️🤬 Included among the 240 characters:
Markdown codes
HTML Codes
URLs used by Markdown or HTML codes

Multi-part Threads

Threads needing more than 240 characters are made by placing the extra characters into a reply thread to a thread. The thread contains the remaining parts of the multi-part thread.

Depending on the nature of the multi-part thread, it can be called a different name:

Multi-part ThreadPurposeThink...
threadcastRunning commentarylivetweet or liveblog.
threadstormThread serving as a large posttweetthread (?)

Over time, as LeoThreads acquires more Threaders, new ways of handling longer content will develop.

Using Emojis on LeoThreads

✔️😁 Each emoji counts as 1 character of text
✔️😁 Emojis can be cut/copied/pasted as text
❌🤬 Avoid emojis when making hashtags
❌🤬 Not all emojis-- such as this one: 🧵 -- are available natively

Just My Two Sats

With LeoThreads, we're one step closer to seeing #project-blank coming online. LeoThreads is being used as a microblogging platform, so it is accepting content like one. This means that virtually all topics are welcome (except for the usual noted in legal disclaimers).

This is the loophole for anyone trying to post content normally not permitted in long form LeoFinance posts.

For anyone willing to take time to post off-topic long form posts as either a series of threads or a multi-part thread called a threadstorm, give it a go!

Special thanks to @crypto-guides, @tbnfl4sun, @barski, @taskmaster4450le, @leoglossary, and @khaleelkazi for their posts to which I backlinked.

Thank You for Reading.  Keyboard Warriors Wanted.




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The more glitches we can find, the more improvements can be made to LeoThreads. This way, PROJECT BLANK can be released as a polished platform.

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