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This post is mostly about hive than it is about Facebook, but it’s not a promise, might be a Lil bit of both.

To kick start, I recently stumbled on the news about Facebook, a Meta company where Mark Zuckerberg, the owner, published that Facebook will have a reset on its page formats or feed display system, where he will bring back chronological feeds, giving its users the ability to browse contents based on the time published as opposed to its algorithm refer system.

It is rather amazing to note that this was a structure in the early days of Facebook until forced advertisement and shadow bans came into play. This specially marked the end of social media and the beginning of advertising networks, which clearly run the system currently, but what’s there to note in all of this?

How User Impression Affects Ecosystem Growth

Though not a popular opinion but users basically run these networks and outrightly control their growth, quite unknowingly. What we often leave out when comparing social platforms is the userbase, a lot about this entity is greatly left out. With Tiktok going mainstream with its short video content, we’ve seen more networks implement similar structures just to compete for users.

Some say hive is quite centered on hustle than being a social platform, well, if you want to define social platforms by merely interactions between individuals, then we could say we’re on track, but if more are being considered, like say what’s users impressions when they get to hive? Do they feel threatened? How simplified is the experience? Are there things of their interest here? All these coming together defines a social platform because for the masses to actually socialize, there must be a sense of belonging and a trigger to engage, this isn’t very much seen down here, however, there are current projects that could ease the development process.

Many of these include projects like Liketu creating an Instagram-like experience on hive, similarly, but on a separate niche, Leofinance is creating a crypto and finance hub for those who just love talking about money, but how about other sections? The aforementioned are still developing as their full potentials are yet to be realized, so what’s the missing puzzle with all of this?

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Exploring Hive Discover hive-content recommendation system

While hive by default runs a chronological content feed, considering that this feed is based upon the content published to the blockchain by every writer on hive, it makes it impossible to digest all that there is. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes not, but overall, having an algorithm that recommends content to view isn’t much of a bad structure. I’ve used Facebook and likewise Tiktok, and overall, I’ve had a problem with the contents that get recommended, it’s often the best filtered as though, structurally deployed, it’s based on my interest.

Hive discover is a project developed by @christopher2002 and @pharesim, the only confusion here is that I seem to find two URLs for this, (https://beta.hive-discover.tech/) and (https://next.hive-discover.tech/) I’ll leave it for them to clarify.

However, content filtration is not much of a center of attention to many on hive, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, beginning with curators, this is a tool that would really make a great impact on the curation process. People most certainly wish to cut off the garbage when it comes to digesting content, with the implementation of the content-recommendation system, we can say we’re a step closer to building a great user experience. Hive would scale better as a social platform if more attention is given to users, it’s by this that I can’t quite let out the impact of the @ocd user retention program with @lovesniper.

I have used the latter link to test this system, and I’d say the recommendations are quite fitting, couple with this, I have the ability to personalize my feed. One thing that would make it even awesome is if we can toggle between different time frames on the recommendation feed, so as to enable users cut off seeing order contents.

The call for privacy

You can't really leave the costs of having all of these things out, right? I think for some, collecting data to enhance the process wouldn’t be a problem, but considering that many care about this, there are some ideas I’ve had laying around.

Firstly, I am not quite sure how difficult it may be to implement this, or if it’s even possible, but here it goes. The one key feature of cryptography is ”encryption”, it is upon this idea that crypto was built. That said, where a system needs to collect data to generate content feeds personalized for a good user experience, wouldn’t it be possible for the data collected to be encrypted?

Each hive account has a memo key which is basically used to decrypt messages, so, the idea would be to design its structure in a way that data collected are encrypted and tied to individual accounts, with only the user having the key permissions to decrypt and access this information.

If this is a success, then the system would flourish with no weaknesses. food for thoughts.

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Too bad Hive has a flawed blockchain that relies on trusting humans, the least trust worth animal on earth.

What do you recommend we trust good sir?

Trust is not something that happens naturally, by social expression, or in groups.

Transparency is 1 small group think idea that can establish trust in a group, but as for Hive I wouldn't trust ANY human being with my cryptocurrency or its cryptographic functions.

Thank goodness you mentioned the data part.

That's one of the difference Hive had.... Not taking our data and trying to exploit us like Facebook and other online businesses do.

The fact that you talked about encryption and decryption sounds good.

So, it will be left for users to choose whether they want a personalized feed or not.

But you know we trusted Mark Zuckerberg with our data but he sold them to those advertisers.

What will be used as a yardstick for trust when it comes to Hive? How do we know our data won't be sold out?

I don't know what I am saying. The thoughts just flew in from somewhere... Lol

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The fact that you talked about encryption and decryption sounds good.

If achievable, this would be a huge step moving forward. Mark does what any human would do with that much power, it's on a rare case to not see big tech companies selling users data.

It's their business model...

What will be used as a yardstick for trust when it comes to Hive? How do we know our data won't be sold out?

Privacy policies exist for a reason. It's never been a secret what big tech was going to do with your data.

Are we talking about those terms and conditions that I never read? 😆

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Well, yes. And of course big tech writes them in a way that no normal person would ever read them. That's a good hint you never should've trusted them.


So, would Hive gives us short ones to read then?

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That's for you to find out

And that I will do. Thanks.

This is a good thought. The server needs the decrypted data to work out the recommendations, and we're talking about huge amounts of data. But I like the idea a lot and will keep it in mind and explore.

I'm almost certain something can be built around it, since most people care about privacy around here, it would really be an hindrance.