How crypto and artificial intelligence is making finance an even better career path

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The dawn of crypto assets and artificial intelligence is paving the way for massive expansion that is seen across various businesses, economics, health and practical all money sectors.

As crypto and blockchain technology becomes a part of our everyday life more extensively, it is expected that just as technology is seeing over 1 million in open jobs positions, finance is expected to grow more exponentially due to crypto and artificial intelligence.

Reality check: Finance as a focus on major new world technologies

One of the things people fear the most as technology advances every day is the potential disruption of the workforce due to the rise of artificial intelligence, but the truth that often gets lost in the fears of embracing new technologies is that AIs will forever be incapable of functioning fully autonomously without human intervention, either by running new system upgrades or updates, recharging or re-equipping power structures or by maintaining active software, thus, the idea that it will replace everyone is flawed.

Not to get it twisted, a lot of jobs will be lost in the wake of AI in workspaces, but more will be created by default and even better, more solo opportunities will be on the rise as AI becomes accessible to the masses for leverage.
An example of this can be seen with people leveraging AI to analyze market and business data, Alejandro López-Lira reportedly used Open AI's chatbot ChatGPT to examine news headlines through 'sentimental analysis' for whether they are good or bad for a stock and supposedly found that the chatbot was able to predict the direction of the next day's returns.

How cool is that?

Perhaps you've noticed the wave of media content with titles like "ChatGPT predicted this or that", now while this is majorly clickbait, artificial intelligence in the right hands can be leveraged to attain relevant business and finance data and analysis.

How Artificial Intelligence With Crypto Will Boost The Financial Sector

With job roles such as hedge fund management, finance management, and risk management already paying as much as $400,000+ per year in the very best spaces, how much of an expansion could be experienced in open positions or payments sum as crypto and AI comes into the picture?

Short answer, a lot!

When we say "Finance", in the modern world of technology spreading through every structure, this encompasses a whole lot.
For example, tokenization in the cryptocurrency ecosystem today is changing how we view "assets" and how we use them just as most traditional assets changed how we view money.

Artificial Intelligence with crypto will change how we view data, and its applications to finance and also how we move and preserve the value within our diverse economies. We're talking about upgrades to fraud detection systems, risk assessment protocols, advanced algorithmic trading, advanced consumer data analysis, customer service, scaling and many more.

With artificial intelligence's ability to analyze a vast amount of data within a short time frame, and crypto becoming a huge finance ecosystem, professionals in AI leverage and individuals with a deeper understanding of crypto and blockchain technology are bound to see increased job offers as well as diverse value opportunities considering if these knowledge is being applied in solo structures, a massive wave valuable companies may be raised and the tech industry would see a surge in market capitalization.

How big the numbers can go cannot be ascertained at the moment, how we can speculate that more than 700k finance jobs will be created within a couple of years as already predicted by the U.S. Bureau of labour statistics without even the consideration of the merging of artificial intelligence and crypto.

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