MAPX Report: News & Updates - Final Call - 7 May 2020

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Final call to MAPX token-holders not paying attention.

A brief communication to current MAPX members.


As stated in the most recent post, we are now approaching our final deadline of Saturday, 9th May.

Despite some six weeks worth of posts and numerous comment-messages sent out, I can still see almost 400 MAPX tokens either held or staked. I can only assume such members have not been paying attention and hence don't care to. I know, lots of other things happening, but don't people ever open their wallets?

Anyway, looking at those members waiting in the queue to be paid from our weekly power-downs, I don't think it right that they should have to wait another week just so that I do a final payout to the stragglers. So I shall do a full and final payout the following Monday (18th May) at 1 STEEM per MAPX token held. After that, those MAPX tokens will become null and void. This ensures nobody loses significantly but those remaining tokens will not yield the bonuses that I have been paying out so far.

Those MAPX token-holders who have not as yet expressed their preferred cash-out option, and wish to do so on the very last day, must read this announcement.

We are not going away, we are merely rationalising our tokens. Both MAPR and MAXUV will remain on Steem; one of the options available to MAPX holders is to swap your tokens for MAXUV.

Have a fine week!

Or try to.

What is MAPX?

MAPX was our first "vote bond" in the MAP FinTech family of programs. It is designed to deliver a 0.1% upvote per token held, with a maximum holding of 1000 tokens. The fund has a total of just 10,000 tokens available. MAPX token holders also benefit from profits being compounded into SP so that the token price should slowly rise.

MAPX is thus designed like a bond in that "interest" is earnt as upvotes, plus each token is backed by STEEM so that the capital value slowly increases in line with our fund. MAPX is managed by the same team as MAPR, which has been distributing profits to Steemians for 20 months.

As MAPX tokens have nearly sold out, we would encourage new members to consider the open-ended token @MAXUV.

A small plug for our big brother, MAXUV!

We have opened up a former MAP channel on Discord for anyone seeking advice or more information regarding any MAP FinTech program. You can find us here.

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Sometimes it's difficult to get folks to listen. When they complain though, you can point them to the weeks worth of posts lol

Thanks for letting me know recently! I will be sad when Steempeak goes away, it gives me the best notifications for what happens to my account over on Steem. If not, I probably wouldn't have noticed your message.

Is Steempeak closing down? haven't seen any notice in their Discord - maybe buried in their many peakd posts!

My very last attempt will be to tag everyone - then it's up to them. Some may see it on Ginabot.

Ya they are shutting the site down once the power down is complete. They posted it maybe 2 weeks back, I can find it.

Essentially because of how toxic the space is there and the difficulty keeping two sites going and updated, they obviously want to cut down on the work they are doing and to save on costs.