News. October 12, 2021. Coinbase Will Open a NFT Marketplace

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According to this article, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will launch an NFT marketplace. This marketplace would initially support Ethereum blockchain based NFT's, but would be open to support EFT's from other blockchains in the near future.

This will make Coinbase a direct competitor of Opensea, NFTShowroom and other NFT marketplaces. In spite of this, there is plenty of money to make as these exchanges charge a percentage per transaction and NFT's have become very popular.

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Wow! Looks like everybody is getting in on the NFT craze. And if they build their system to handle mutilple blockchains, that would definitily put them ahead of the pack

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My bad buddy, I thought I did, but I forgot to double cheak, thanks for the post!

This is a good news. I appreciate what is initiated by Coinbase on the issue of NFT. I hope they will allow NFT based on other blockchain except ETH. Thanks for sharing the good news.

Coinbase will make it easy to navigate

That's a great news that NFT is becoming well known to the people. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead

Thanks for reading and supporting!

The NFT craze will crash hard when the bear market comes.

It is a possibility. It would be time to buy then

NFT is becoming popular, which is a good thing. And that's good news.

I agree. More cryptocurrency users will push prices up

Really a good news. Thanks for sharing.