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RE: Next-generation DEX: A look At The Many Features The Peerplays DEX Offers

in LeoFinance3 months ago

This all sounds awesome and I love the idea of SONs.

Where can I find more information about consensus on peerplays and GPoS.

Also what are your thoughts on Thorchain? Is thorchain more secure than SONs?


Gamified Proof of Stake (GPoS) is an enhanced DPoS based consensus model. In addition to the gamification, GPOS also introduces witness vote decay where by end users will be encouraged to elect active or otherwise best blockchain producers.
You can learn more about GPoS here :

We believe SONs is the best possible way to bring interoperability and collaboration amongst all chains. We welcome everyone who wants to help make this a reality. Our focus, and our mission, is on interoperability. For example, Bitcoin transactions can be available to the Peerplays DEX users at "lightning speeds" of under 3 seconds. With HIVE-Peerplays integration via HIVE-SONs, HIVE blockchain users can also get access to the fast performance and settlement. This will also be extended to Ethereum in the future.