Chess Polygon NFT Collection

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Chess Polygon NFT Collection

Chess Polygon is a play-to-earn chess game that combines intelligence, cryptocurrency and NFTs, allowing players to monetize their intellectual abilities.

Fan Cards represent a set of 3 limited edition NFTs for true crypto and chess fans, See on -> OpenSea

NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits and bonuses:

  • Free STEIN tokens;
  • Higher in-game daily limits;
  • Free participation in future tournaments;
  • Early access to new game modes.

Collect Silver, Gold, and Sapphire Fan Cards and get the opportunity to visit a chess tournament in one of the European countries or a branded chess set from Chess Polygon.

⚠️ How to buy:

  1. Send Matic to your wallet using Polygon network;
  2. Swap Matic to DAI;
  3. Connect your wallet to OpenSea and buy using DAI.

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