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RE: LEO Roundtable #26: CBDCs, Earning Interest on Bitcoin and Where is Hive Going?

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I just want to establish that I'm not a 'Trump Fan', I'm just a Trump backer.
I've said since he was elected. "If the left spends the next four years telling people why they voted Trump instead of asking them, you're going to get more Trump".


I'm not a Trump fan nor really a Trump backer. I'm not overly political either - but what I do know is that Biden winning is as ridiculous (even more imo) as Hillary winning in 2016.

Trump will give us another 4 years of minimal damage. Then I hope we can get some non-idiot candidates into the running. Maybe we should actually have a rule that says you need be able to run 10 miles in order to run for office. We can disqualify these 70+ year olds out of the gate.

Why are retirement age people (actually beyond retirement age) running our country? That will never make sense to me.

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