Actifit Blurt Updates: DAUs. Account Creation. Witness. Account Management. BP Power Up

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Actifit Blurt Updates

Since we've launched our blurt integration last week, we've been busy at work to continue improving and tightening the integration we have with the ecosystem, and we plan to continue doing so over the coming months.


The first result of the integration is the growth of our DAUs on blurt, whereby we started with 26 active users last Tuesday, and has been growing to more than 60 active users (who receive Actifit rewards - compared to actifit's approx 300 DAUs on Hive).
We are excited to see those numbers grow and look forward to more of our user base to start looking at blurt as a complementary Actifit/fitness ecosystem, but also for more of the blurt community to start getting healthier while using actifit app!

Account Creation

As part of the integration, we have extended our account creation service to create accounts on blurt as well.
This way any of our existing users, or new users can signup for the actifit account while creating an account on blurt as well. Even new comers who simply want to join blurt can just leave the blurt option ticked and create the account.
Account creation service is provided at Actifit Signup and costs 2$ only.



To expand our commitment to blurt as a blockchain, and to help decentralize the blockchain, we have setup actifit witness as of yesterday!
We believe in DPOS systems, and as we already run a witness on hive and hive-engine, it only made sense to us to have a blurt witness as well.
We plan to work with blurt management and help grow the ecosystem.
To vote for our witness, head over to the witnesses page and type in actifit in the box, and click vote. Thank you for the support!


Account Management

As part of actifit cross-posting functionality, our users normally have their keys unified across chains.
For this purpose, we provide an interface to enable users to generate new keys across chains.
We have recently integrated blurt in addition to hive and steem to this interface so that anyone can unify their keys and start using actifit across chains.


BP Power Up!

Last but not least, last week we took the opportunity of launching Actifit to purchase 8,000+ BLURT, and powered up 7,000 BP which we added to actifit account to help with our user rewards.
The remaining BLURT we kept as liquid to assist with any account creation requests and network fees that could be due by actifit account.


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