Actifit Cross Chain Updates: Blurt RPC. Posting To Other Chains (Posting Authority). SPK Network Node

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Actifit Cross Chain Updates

As you are aware, our most recent blockchain integration featured Blurt (and it's not the last one), and as part of our effort to give a more smooth integration across all our supported blockchains and partner projects, we have been very busy at work at improving the user experience and our investment therein.

Blurt RPC

Recently we had created our witness node in support of Blurt blockchain, and we would like to thank everyone who has voted for our witness there (if you haven't done so yet, you can vote for us by heading over to the witnesses page, scroll to Actifit - presently at position 31, and vote. Thank you for the support!)


So back to the Blurt RPC. We noticed there are around 10 RPC nodes currently on blurt, and as there has been some recent downtime across multiple RPC nodes, we decided to make an extra investment and to setup our own Blurt RPC.
And we have done so successfully. All of our Actifit Blurt calls are now run via actifit's own RPC node.
If you wish to use our RPC, you are welcome to do so and to add it on any front end if you run such an interface.
Our RPC node is available at:
The RPC has been very stable across the recent few days, and we are excited to be able to provide such a service over to the Blurt community.

Posting To Other Chains (Posting Authority)

As actifit is now running on 3 blockchains, and as each of these chains can have its own set of password/keys, we received several comments about risks of having the same keys across multiple chains.
To give our users more security and additional options, and based upon a nice suggestion from @saboin about utilizing posting authority instead of our current implementation of requiring all keys to be unified across chains, we went ahead and made it happen!

So as of now, and instead of unifying all your passwords across chains, you can head over to actifit settings page, where you will find a section allowing you to grant posting authority to actifit.
Use this option to post to other chains without the need for the same password/keys across chains.
By granting posting authority to actifit, you can use your Hive posting key to post via actifit app, with posts going to steem and blurt despite having different password/key(s).


You can revoke authority via the same screen at any point in time via the same screen.
Note that you do NOT NEED to use this screen to grant posting authority, as this is merely an interface to the blockchain(s), yet we found it much easier to do so via this new settings section.

So once posting authority is granted, your next actifit post will go directly to steem and / or blurt without the need to use relevant posting keys. The only requirement via the app is to use your hive posting key.

SPK Network Node

We have been long friends of the founders behind SPK Network @spknetwork , and have been monitoring closely the efforts they are making onto launching the project.
Recently, they announced the launch of decentralized node hosting for the claim drop initiative. For more details on the initiative, you can find details in their recent post

And goes without saying, Actifit hosted a node for the spk network. You can find our node running at
We plan to continue supporting great initiatives and projects running on our partner chains, as we believe this is where the growth and future are!

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