Actifit iOS Version 0.7.2 is OUT - Update Your Apps

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Latest Actifit Version iOS 0.7.2

We are happy to introduce the latest update to actifit iOS version 0.7.2.

We have received reports from our users, and due to the latest iOS system upgrade, that Actifit was having issues running properly, and at times crashing without loading.

Additionally, some older iOS versions were facing slowness issues while working around the app.

Few minor issues needed handling as well, including preview of uploaded images while writing your report content.

This release 0.7.2 fixes all above issues. It is already available on app store, so if you haven't yet, go ahead and update your Actifit app now!

Actifit Android:
Actifit iOS:

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@actifit team

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Im just getting back into actifit. I even wrote about it today lol. I'm on android so no update. But I'm enjoying it.

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awesome having you back 💪

Been seeing a lot of this actfit post
Please do you have any post on what it’s about And how to join

Would really love to be a part
Any thing fit
I need it right now in my life

and we would love having you!
Sure, you can check our website ( and join our discord ( for further info

Done ✅
Thank you