Actifit Mega Growth! Listing on CMC, CG🚀. Upcoming Plans 🤫

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The Listing Event🚀

Hey hey amazing actifitters,

As many of you know, we have been overwhelmed over the last few days with the amount of hype that surrounded the listing of Actifit over at several token tracking sites, accompanied by growing liquidity, huge volume, and increasing wallet addresses!

As a move 2 earn project that's been running for 4 years, this lead to receiving great attention by the community.

Some quick stats for you:

  • Our volume spiked on the first day to over $500,000, and on the second day reached a whopping $1.2M as calculated by CMC.
  • Our HODLers count also jumped from slightly above 200 to 520+, a growth of more than 260%.
  • AFIT price jumped from $0.0041 to $0.118 (2878% up) at the time of this report (it peaked at around 0.5)
  • Our Marketcap is sitting now at $7,773,052 up from $200,000 (3886% up)

We are an officially tracked token now across:

We have been putting out fires and communicating with different trackers to get things properly listed and updated, this includes assigning the move-to-earn category on CMC & CG, circulating supply and marketcap to name a few.

If you haven't favorited/liked/followed/... AFIT above, what are you waiting for??? ❤️ Let everyone know about your favorite move to earn project!!

Bridge Me UP 🌉

We know many of our existing actifitters are looking at moving their AFIT tokens back and forth between BSC/Hive-engine.
We want to ease up the concerns of our community, and assure them we are as committed to our old actifitters as we have ever been, heck even more than ever!
For this, we are planning a bridge between BSC-HIVE to enable moving tokens back and forth. The dynamics of the bridge will be revealed soon as we pan out the details. We have the interest of our investors and the long-term vision of the project in mind, so keep your mind at ease!

What's Next?🤫

Oh we have tons of plans under way for you guys (don't tell anyone, or maybe do the opposite lol), let us name a few:

  • Exchanges: We know the community cant wait to get AFIT rolling on CEX-es, and we are under talks with several exchanges. Expect news sooooon.
  • Collaborations: We are in communication with amazing projects in the crypto space (some of which you looove - can you guess?) to launch some collab work. No peeking yet...🙈
  • Marketing: We are preparing tons of additional marketing work to spread the news about Actifit. We started some promotions with youtube and other SM influencers. Keep your eyes on SM.
  • Actifit DeFi: Actifit DeFi full rollout on BSC is underway, we added more resources to assist with bringing it to life ASAP. This will bring you guys major APY for locking in your AFIT/AFITX.
  • AFITX: We did not forget about the big guy, our governance token! We are preparing for a proper launch and ignition of AFITX.

That's our quick update for now. Let's goooo

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Actifit supports cross-chain decentralization. Support our efforts below:

@actifit team

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We are in communication with amazing projects in the crypto space (some of which you looove - can you guess?)

I'm going to guess LeoFinance is one of them. 😁

Getting to grips with all the "new" stuff on Actifit has been on my crypto to do list for the longest time but I never seem to get around to it. It's all a bit confusing since the early days.

For now, I'll just keep stepping and posting.

Congratulations on this latest success. After 4 years it's very much deserved.

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I'm very impressed, that's why I hodl for years. The governance sounds interesting also, I think I'm still in the top 25 on that list.

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Oh no, how can I miss the AFIT listing on Binance news?
It's very good opportunities for AFIT holders

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Bridge me up please! Awaiting the bridge well done in expanding Actifit'e reach beyond just a fitness DApp.

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Hi @mcfarhat can I buy this coin on binance, and do you see any more rise in the next 6 months

you can on pancakeswap or on

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Were can I read more about Actifit defi?

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Another Hive community making some moves (and earning ) :-)

Every win for a Hive community and there token is multiplicative back to Hive!

Wish I would have kept doing my dailies and kept that actifit now. Guess I'll just have to restart or buy back.

This is all happening at a good time to catch the wave with a head start since ya'll have been doing this so long.. Strike hard and fast while the trend is on. Great opportunity to increase market share for actifit and bring in more to the Hive universe!

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Sounds there are more interesting things coming. The bridge would really be awesome. Glad too that AFITX is going to get its place in the DeFi world.