Actifit New Feature Improvements: AFIT Token Scarcity & Power Down. Improved User Profile

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AFIT Token Scarcity & Power Down

Actifitters! We wanted to provide you with an update on recent changes we have implemented to the user experience and functionality.

As many of you already know, we have been working on improving the scarcity aspect for a while of the AFIT token, and the token has been massively decreasing in daily emission throughout the last few months. This is becoming very noticeable throughout the chart below (Thanks @pjansen for the stats as always!).


You can see the total curving down heavily starting April, mostly due to the decrease in delegation rewards. The below 0 items are the ones within which AFIT tokens are being consumed into the ecosystem.
We will have a move elaborate update about AFIT tokenomics and inner workings soon!

In alignment with this, and since we have had a perpetual approach to powering down (which actually allows moving AFIT tokens from your locked state on onto hive-engine exchange), unlike how HP power down works, we have decided to make an adjustment to this so that requests to power down are no longer perpetual, and a request would last 7 days from day of initiation.
This update is essentially implemented due to many users initiating the power down process, and either forgetting about it, or not knowing how to actually stop it.
The latter negatively affects user rank, since continuous moving of AFIT to hive-engine would decrease the user rank, and this might not be the user's intention.
For users who intentionally wish to power down, you can always do so, the only change would be the need to initiate the power down after it concludes, or just before it does so as it continues running for 7 more days.
We also believe this would help relief some extra sell pressure on the AFIT token on hive-engine.
To give you an idea about the difference, we've had 300+ daily AFIT transfer requests,as of today, and following the AFIT transfer, there is a total of 13 daily transfer left.


Improved User Profile

Our user profile section on has had issues with responsiveness for a while, so we implemented a redesign of the stats section so as it is better aligned with the responsive design.
The layout now looks much nicer on both full display and phone display.
If you have any suggestions for info to show, we are happy to look into integrating those onto the new dev cycle.


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I'm still waiting for Actifit app can synchronize data with Garmin app then I can use the app more frequently :)

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Reducing emissions rate it's good but liquidity provision and providers will drive the price too where you want them too be

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Manual power down is stupid and wouldn't prevent the price drop. I want to keep my afitx liquid without selling it. Have 200k to power down. Very, very annoying.

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hey @oldtimer,
we did not say manual power down would prevent the price drop. As we highlighted in the post, there are several reasons for this, including potential sell pressure relief.
As far as your AFITX liquid, you do not need to sell your AFITX nor to stake them, you can continue to transfer AFIT as you were doing before, it is just the matter of reactivating the transfer once per week.
Keep in mind you can power down up to 10k daily.
And comparatively speaking, the AFIT power down is much more flexible and easier than HP power down.


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Hello, I just joined the actifit website/community and when I went to buy a shoe I had to enter my active key? is that normal to ask for a copy and paste active key like that? just learning the game with hive keychain and idk much about hivesigner. :) thank you

Hey, welcome to actifit.
Yes that is normal if you are buying using HIVE, as the HIVE chain requires your active key to spend.
Interesting choice of username and profile pic. As you are not affiliated with actifit or greateck, please make sure to avoid anything that would otherwise confuse users.
Have a great fitness journey with actifit!

yes, I made this account because I saw that it was made by this name in the app store but there was no person to trust named that on hive. I had the intention to try a blog eith the account but your quick off the bat and I'll give it to you if you want it.

Thanks, appreciate your transparency and willingness to give out the account.
If you're not on actifit discord, please join actifit to coordinate, we will provide a free account signup in return. You can also get yourself verified as a newbie to earn extra rewards for the new account.

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Hi there @mcfarhat …. I convinced @scottcbusiness to get set up with the app and he bought a bunch of afit and afitx but I notice he doesn’t earn any afit from his steps ????… does he need to do something else ? Let me know….