Earn AFITX for providing AFIT/HIVE liquidity on Hive-Engine Pools!

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A while ago, we started getting involved in hive-engine diesel pools, and we created our first AFIT/SWAP.HIVE pool.
So far, the rewards of the pool were based on fees from exchange transactions on hive-engine pools.

As of today, we have moved more aggressively to provide extra rewards to our liquidity providers, whereby we now enable you to actually earn AFITX, our special governance token, by providing liquidity to the pool.
Look at that beautiful yellow "has LP Rewards". We like it, don't you? 😄


HODLing AFIT now has a whole new meaning, and rewards!
The pool has received 450 AFITX as preliminary rewards to liquidity providers. Additionally, and for 100 days, a 2% extra rewards is available to participants.


To provide liquidity, simply head over to tribaldex's Diesel Pools, add liquidity screen, pick the AFIT/SWAP.HIVE, choose the amounts, hit that "Add Liquidity Button", and you're good to go!


If you have any questions, join us on discord

Let's get farmin 👨‍🌾💰

@actifit team

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Ah ! Great !! I was really waiting for a way to earn some AFTIX !!

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and some !AFIT your way! :)

Hey @ykretz.leo, you just received 10 AFIT tip from @mcfarhat!


Hey @mcfarhat, you just received 10 AFIT tip from @arabpromovault!