Minor Actifit Android Update - v0.7.6

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hey actifitters!

We want to thank you for bringing a few minor issues to our attention regarding the last update.

There were few issues with the latest release which had affected our user experience, and those couldn't wait so we made a patch release, tested it alongside our community (thanks again, you know yourselves!), and it just went live!

Basically, the issues fixed include:

  • Activity count/step tracking sensitivity: was acting a little less sensitive due to some upgrades we made on the app. We implemented a fix for this and now tracking is back on .. track lol
  • Image orientation: some uploaded images were showing an incorrect orientation (rotated left/right). This is due to a new compression algorithm we implemented to save some of the big costs we have for image storage (we have currently over 1.3T of image storage which we are paying for monthly). So we setup a fix to retain the proper image orientation.
  • Notification redirection: As you're probably aware, actifit app allows you to receive notifications, and to click on notifications which will redirect you to the actual content on actifit.io related to the notification. This feature had a bug preventing the redirection in the latest version, so we setup a fix for it and it should be functioning properly now.

Again, as we mentioned in the latest update, we are always happy to get feedback and ideas from the community, this is how we get things moving.
So thank you for being active, and fit, thank you for being actifit! ❤️🚀💪

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I enabled background info but this notification is not stopping:


hey @mochita,
you need to disable battery optimization, not background info.
If you'd like, head over to discord and we can chat further about your configuration.

Yesss I finally found it thank you for the quick answer