Minor Update Actifit iOS v0.7.4📱 AFIT Continued Scarcity 💸

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Minor Update Actifit iOS v0.7.4📱

We have just released an update to the latest iOS version of actifit, labeled v0.7.4, which fixes issues of crashes upon opening settings screen, as well as random posting cases.
We would like to thank users who reported and helped out test this fix❤️
The fix is already available on applestore, and we highly recommend updating to this latest version to avoid any misbehaviour within the app.

AFIT More Scarcity 💸

Around 3 months ago, we launched a new concept of scarcity for AFIT, by cutting down progressively daily AFIT rewards to our delegators by 1% on a daily basis. This brought down the total pool rewards from 100,000 AFIT/day down to 50,000 AFIT/day across chains (at the moment, hive and steem delegators both earn AFIT daily).
As this first phase conclude, we will be kicking off a second phase for AFIT scarcity, whereby we will continue decreasing the daily AFIT on chains as follows:

  • 0.75% daily rewards decrease on hive
  • 2.00% daily rewards decrease on steem
    This phase will run for 75 days, and will bring down the daily AFIT distribution progressively from 50,000 AFIT/day down to 20,000 AFIT/day (around 14.5k for Hive and 5.5k for Steem).

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