Tip Away! Now You Can Comment-Tip Your Hive-Engine AFIT to Anyone

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Let's Get Tippin!

We are happy to be launching a new tipping functionality relating to AFIT held on hive-engine.
Via this feature, and simply by commenting on a user's post/comment, you can send away AFIT tokens to this user, directly to his account on hive-engine.

The feature comes in handy for anyone interested in reading others' reports, giving them a small extra motivation and a nice nod to keep going, or just to spread the AFIT LOVE

How It Works

Our tipping bot is related to account @actifit.tip , and in order for you to get tippin, you need to send out some AFIT (minimum 10 AFIT) to @actifit.tip on hive-engine, so as you have an available balance for tipping.
You can do so from hive-engine, tribaldex, or actifit.io wallet.
Once you do that, and whenever you wish to send a tip, you just type in a comment the word:

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and the bot will pick this up, and send the user a default amount of 10 AFIT from your tipping balance.

You can increase this amount up to 500 AFIT, by using syntax of !AFIT followed by the AFIT amount, as such:

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don't worry about extra spaces, our bot doesn't care, as long as it contains sequence !AFIT and a number


Supported Chains

As actifit currently functions on 3 chains, and in order to make it easier for anyone to reward any of their friends or actifitters, we implemented the support across all 3 chains, so whether you put out the comment on hive, steem, or blurt, the user will receive the AFIT tokens.
Keep in mind though, AFIT tokens are sent only to hive-engine. The tokens can be found by either visiting hive-engine, tribaldex, or actifit.io

Do you have any suggestions/ideas about the above? do you like it?
We will be giving away lots of tips, so let us know!

@actifit team

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Nice addition to the functionality! Any idea, why my posts don't go to blurt ( a few went through, but then stopped). Also, I get steem error almost every day. Maybe I could change something in settings? Tried to look, but haven't found anything useful anywhere... @tipu curate

Mostly if posts are not going through to blurt, this would be due to not having liquid blurt, as with blurt every action costs small fees.
For Steem, if you're getting an error posting, I would check RC/SP to see if you have enough amount to also cover your daily posts
!AFIT 50

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Maaan... :) That was an easy fix!.. Why I haven't asked this months ago... :) I missed out on a lot of steem rewards :) Thanks for the response!