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It has been just over a month since @holozing has begun its token distribution, and it has been beyond a success! It seems like the popularity is increasing by the day, and the Zing posts are numerous!

Personally, I've been collecting Zing from day one! I claim multiple times a day, and I have participated in all four distribution methods. I am currently #25 in the "Top Contributors" list. I love seeing my stake grow!

If the generous distribution wasn't enough, we are all getting a bonus in December! To receive our bonus tokens, all we have to do is claim our Zing once a day. The bonuses are sponsored by @poshtoken, so the bonus Zing does not come inflation. You can read all about it here!

So, claim your Zing, once a day, 'till the end of the year, and get your bonus on New Year Day!


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Delegation account-
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Whitepaper -

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Thanks for the reminder! I completely forgot about the ongoing campaign and I forgot to claim yesterday. HAHA good thing I saw your post.

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