Ethereum Gas Price Stabilised, Preparing Turnips And Others

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     Failure of transaction happens all the time. Most of the time it happens to me when I am sending transactions to a smart contract. Do not believe those people who says that they are infallible and they never make mistakes when transacting with the Ethereum network. Mental lapse here and there will turn you into a pariah or maybe not because this things happen. The difference is that I admitted that I have made another one of those rookie mistakes. I lost 5 USD worth of Ethers. Never mind. Nothing to see here. The humiliation will only last for just 18 seconds and the whole network will move on whether you like it or not. All you can say is that the learning process is costly may it be in Ethereum or may it be in the fiat world. But the cost after all is just an illusion. They force trading pairs and voila there is cost. Nowadays, we always talk about not letting a good crisis go to waste. Let me see, there is an illusion of cost and it is considered a crisis so why not exploit that idea and use that against those who are deeply enslaved by the illusion of cost. Ethereum could very well be worth a trillion but because of natural parameters and constraints the price is still less than 3000 USD. Am I referring to myself when I mentioned someone who is enslaved by cost but at least I am self aware. I heard somewhere that you have to wear my Big Boy Pants and while I am at it, sell some NFTs. Most will argue that why am I wasting my time writing this catharsis. Just a catharsis? No it is not just another catharsis. It is my way of saying that in the Philippines there are select group of people who have mastered the future of technology and we are ready to create content for those who are overwhelmed by the chaos. I must admit that after using the Ethereum network for almost 5 years, it is still confusing. No amount of experience can get you through all of this entropy and clutter. But a rather strange phenomena occured. The whole Ethereum Network is calmer than ever before. Very strange indeed.


     It never occurred to me that it will drop to this level after weeks of seeing three digit gas prices. A drop of this magnitude is a sign of stabilization. The price of Ether went up in no time but the gas is still unbelievably low. I am anticipating that this will go higher as the price per unit Ether goes higher.


     I guess it is time for me to say that it is not a fluke. Well what I saw earlier is not a fluke. Not anymore. The drop is consistent but in my mind I am betting seriously against it.


     It reached all time high and the gas price did not flinch a bit. This is really weird. Am I over thinking or what? What is happening? This is fantastic. Simply fantastic. After years of being a subject of ridicule Ethereum showed the doubters which includes yours truly how it is done with the false narratives by Ethereum haters. And how to shock and awe all of us in one single move.


     This is lower than the price from another screenshot although the price is at 2700 USD.


     It will never get lower than that. Oh! Wait a minute. It was lower than the last one.


     I was hoping that this will spike to 200 Gwei level but it did not. Am I wishing for too much? Tell me if this is cyclical or is this bandwidth driven? The whole thing is weird when it dropped back to 2000 USD a couple of weeks ago.


     My Turnips could not wait anymore. It just couldn't resist filling my stomach. For this simple lesson on food preparation a simple knife will do. Wash it with running water if you want to wash it that way. Do not pretend to be an expert or you might hurt yourself. Oh this is weird you can wash both the knife and the Turnips. Sorry if you think that I am referring to Ethereum as tulips. Although everyone would want to hear a running joke like that. I wanted to kill some time to think about things. I am still dazed when it comes to the gas prices. It has nothing to do with petroleum products and byproducts but a little with words is healthy.


     After peeling the flesh colored skin, this is what it looks like. This is simplest way of preparing this stomach filler.


     Cut at your heart's desire. It can be as thin as a piece of paper or it can be as thick as I have made it to be. The juice inside is irresistible. The taste is weird at first but I think you will like it. I want less waste on this one I don't want to emulate that bad habit of some popular chefs. Truth be told food is not suppose to be wasted. You may consider Turnip as food or proper food but someday when chaos ensues you might be the first one to reconsider.


     Sprinkle with rock salt and refrigerate. If you want the Himalayan then I will laugh out loud somewhere.


     Even though this graph doesn't really represent the sudden spike that is really making you curse for all time. It really is stabilizing to reasonable levels even though we know we regard this as an illusion or pixie dust. We know how the game works even though we are acting like kids whenever we see a surge in gas price. The crypto currency mindset was somewhat influenced by stonks mindset. We are aroused by Ether price all the time but this time we focused on gas and turnips but somehow both of them left a good taste in the mouth.

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