Four Main Reasons As To Why Doge Coin Is Impossible To Stop

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     The meme currency has turned the whole world into a meme. The world is now a living meme. The Doge is starting a creeping invasion against the mighty Dollar as it tries the one is to one ratio journey and beyond. This only means one thing the fugazi system has been beaten. Even the meme currency from some 8 years ago is beating the world reserve currency in millions of ways. Most people are busy pimping and hyping their supposedly serious tokens and coins that they missed a once in a lifetime opportunity of owning 4 million units of Doge from 2013 which was dirt cheap and wake up 8 years later becoming a real millionaire in a Keynesian setting. Imagine you can buy 16 to 64 kilograms of Gold with just 4 million Dogecoin which only indicates that Babylon has fallen. Remember that 4 million Doge is practically worthless 8 years ago and now you can buy boat loads of Gold with it. Think about it. This is a very different take in this subject matter. This is not about hyping Doge. Many soothsayers who made fun of Doge have been proven wrong and right now they are gasping as to how they can save their faces. Their click bait articles are all over the internet.


Momentum Is The First Reason

     The screenshot of the article above just stated that it rose about 132,715.7 percent from 2017 to 2018. The figure speaks for itself. This is an Earth shaterring momentum which you have not seen in your lifetime. What kind of investment instrument can do that. Stonks can't do that. That kind of spine tingling number doesn't just fizzle out. It will definitely return as that kind of momentum is impossible to stop. The writer of that article resorted to generalization as if cryptocurrencies can achieve that feat on any given Sunday. As if it is a meh moment. The fake news narrative is real. If in this seemingly bullish run of Doge Coin, it does the same thing again they will just state that there is nothing to see here. Doge Coin does not have the proper fundamentals to qualify as a portfolio worthy asset. As if repeating those negative remarks will make the MOMENTUM go away. All that they focused on is the slump. As if slumping is the end. This cryptocurrency is pump and dump. Some cult leader is preaching the gospel of Doge which is why it rose to prominence. One way or the other the Doge will rise even without that flimsy endorsement of a cult leader. Think as to why they insist on putting Doge Coin down. This all boils down to social engineering. The haters will try to buy it at a cheaper price. The only way to do that is to advertise a flimsy FUD. Just look at the Ripple fanboys. They hype Ripple till kingdom come but they always forget that you need to burn 20 Ripple just to activate a wallet. You need 30 USD just to activate a wallet. They boast about not having fees but you need 30 bucks to activate a wallet. Yes you have made a killing but newcomers will just walk away because they cannot get a refund. The system burns 20 Ripple which is a monumental obstacle as it will get more expensive to activate a wallet. They laugh at Doge but I don't need to burn 20 Doge to activate a wallet. The devil is in the details.


Volume Is The Second Reason

     The typical Doge Coin users are used to transferring hundreds of millions of units of Doge every minute or so. They have been doing that for 8 long years and that is what is driving the haters nuts. I know since it is driving me nuts thinking about it. Since most bloggers have established in the past that it is worthless this made us think that millions and even 10 figure transfer of Doge from one wallet to another is something that we should dismiss. They invested in meme coin so they must suffer the consequence. This is what we always present but the loyalist of Doge are having a field day. Just look at the image above they transferred about 30 million Doge Coin but it is just another typical transaction although the value this time around is steeper than ever before. From 5 cents a couple of months ago this Doge has manage to stabilize after reaching this point some 20 percent from before. In the Bitcoin network there are only about less than 50 giant transaction that has been recorded so far. They are used to transferring this amount in the Doge Coin network that it just another day at the office. The voluminous transfer of message or funds is what makes it impossible to stop no matter how many times we try to meme it out of existence.


Elasticity Is The Third Reason

     Some Billionaire has been pumping this coin for a reason. His brain as old as he is hard wired to the super elastic nature of Keynesian Economics. They have been buying Bitcoin but it is quite obvious that they hate the supply cap. So the strategy is to have something inelastic like Bitcoin on one hand.


     And Now this Billionaire has this super elastic Doge Coin on the the other hand. The elasticity is therapeutic to them. Which brings us to the topic that this is something that we can exploit. Besides the fact that they are doing everything they can to entertain and divert the attention of the masses by allocating most of their resources on it we know that they hate supply cap. Even with their supposed fugazi or illusion money they cannot buy enough cryptocurrencies to save their faces. There is this perception that they have all the money in the world but the Bitcoin reward is just too slow for them and even with their supposed wealth and power they cannot buy enough of it but instead of recommending USDT, USDC or DAI they are expressing their interest in Doge. That is not some freak accident for somehow they want to satisfy their ego.


Trustworthy Community Is The Fourth Reason

     This must be the reason why Doge Coin is strong. This blog stated that some unfortunate incident happened after the launch of Doge Coin. The loyalist they said was determined to keep the joke alive. The spin is to make the reader think that this is a joke currency and those who invested in it and have their investment stolen by bandits as they labelled them is at fault.


     A few weeks after launching the Doge Coin network was in deep trouble but their solution worked and Doge Coin prevailed.


     The friendliest is also dubbed by these people as a joke cryptocurrency. The robbery is suppose to make us feel the FUD but instead the reverse happened.


     What the community actually did is they have pooled their resources to reimburse almost everything which was lost in the heist or fiasco. This is not something that you will ever see in other communities. And in the fiat world.


     The Ethereum community swept this under the rug thinking that nobody would really remember that this is Ethereum core.


     This incident was swept under the rug by the Bitcoin community thinking that nobody would remember. The Doge Coin community did not sweep their dark past away but instead they have cemented their good reputation up to the present day. Somehow I feel that I have kept the joke alive although nobody is laughing needlessly. Fin.

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Dogecoin is pretty much unstoppable at this point, and I still can't believe that there are people out there that doubt the potential of this coin, especially when its generally better than Litecoin and Bitcoin for average users (low transaction fees and fast transactions). I think a lot of the 'haters' are missing a great opportunity with this community.

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