How To Really Take Advantage Of Infinite Amount Of Bitcoin, Years After The Actual Bitcoin Forks Series Four

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     It is not easy to sell Bitcoin forks to the general population but this is how their spin goes. They want a more decentralized Bitcoin so of course we are convinced but then again old habits die hard. Bitcoin core is still the king and thanks to the king hundreds of innovations including Leo tokens came into being but right now let us focus on Bitcoin Gold. Make Bitcoin decentralized again was their slogan. Let us claim our Bitcoin Gold to satisfy the curiosity of our beloved and loyal readers. If we truly have one.


     Ninety one USD per unit Bitcoin Gold. After a quick private key sweep, I have Bitcoin Gold with speculative value of 6 cents. You are in denial if you think that they will teach this in school. The primary reason for the series is to allow the ignoramus crowd to think about their options once and for all. The disciples of Satoshi Nakamoto on one hand and the Shadow Banking disciples on the other which includes the double entry system of Dollar and Euro Dollar. One will hate the other but the Shadow Banking system ended last September of 2019 with the end of the Repo Market which they dubbed as a collapse. The Bank of England system is in full swing. The last time it happened British Sterling Pound fell and lost the world currency status. Maybe Bitcoin Gold can save me but who cares since the world is still in denial. The financial authorities are afraid that if they fully implement the old system once again by officially ending the declaration that we are in a pandemic the populace will notice that Babylon has fallen and only future technology can save their ugly faces. Bitcoin Gold will save us. Maybe.


     As I have mentioned earlier. I just can't resist the temptation and so I eagerly swept a couple of old keys last month. I was doubting the sweep key capability until I tried it for myself. Now I am confident enough to reveal my old private keys or at least a handful of them for a practical approach to education.


     Introducing the Coin Bin fork for Bitcoin Gold. You can create wallet. You can create multi signature wallets. You can verify and sign transaction hash with a corresponding private key. No surprise there as it is the routine of true blue Satoshi Nakamoto disciple. Broadcasting transaction is missing from our host of options which is weird for Bitcoin veterans. Anyways this is too much information for haters and newcomers alike.


     Legacy private keys starts with number five and it is a given. The easiest way to convince you if I truly am sweeping the private is to show you the private keys which I am using. This JavaScript form will work even when you are not connected to an Internet router. It verifies if the transaction hash or WIF keys are not corrupted. I revealed this private key for the first time as this is the fourth part of the series. I really am serious when it comes to Bitcoin education. A lot of people doubted my sincerity when it comes to earning fork coins although the learning curve is steep on this one. This one revealed the Bitcoin Gold private key counterpart of my own legacy key.


     I swept the private key of this Bitcoin Gold paper wallet a month ago. Which is the reason why it shows that the balance is zero. It is now in my Coinomi wallet.


     Now we are on a roll as we are on our second cold storage wallet. Now that I am thinking about it, I must emphasize that this was generated using Bit Address JavaScript generator which was 2013. Just think about it. If a secret 51 percent attack occurred in 2013 or beyond then this private key will have corrupted and Bitcoin Gold hard fork will not be able to read it or verify the wallet input format key. Bitcoin in its 12 year history has more integrity in keeping a ledger than the combined might of the Shadow Banking system.


     This is still at its purest form. I have not yet performed any outgoing transaction on this one. It is as minute as it gets. But for the sake of those who wanted to get insights this is very valuable piece of information.


     This one is worth just one cent after sweeping the keys. If you were one of those who swept the keys then it would have been worth nothing but thanks to the Bitcoin bull run with a tiny amount you can still get one cent after deducting miner's fee. If Bit coin didn't rise 20 fold from 3000 USD sometime ago, we must all admit that this bull run of Bitcoin Gold will not be possible.


     This is painful to see but this is my best proof that will make you believe that I have a very sizable knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin and other copy pasta equivalents.


     This one is obviously the richest in our list of private key for educational purposes. Please try to appreciate my effort to make this series work for the Leo Finance community.


     Let us give this one a try. So far every single one of our keys are true and correct to the best of Bitcoin's knowledge and belief.


     The Satoshi is strong on this one. We have at least 43 thousand of the same.


     For those of you who loved this series, I assure you that you will learn a valuable lesson. Those who doubted the series from the very beginning, I have the last laugh for this series about Bitcoin forks is the most legitimate of them all.


     We are not going to going to stop until we satisfy the needs of our audience even though we don't have enough data to determine this.


     The block chain explorer for Bitcoin Gold
is now working overtime although we never knew that it is fast and reliable.


     At last we are at the very end of the line. All the tools and web applications were very helpful in fleshing out this series. Without them this part of the series will still be Greek to you.


     The last but definitely not the least in our list has about 48 thousand Satoshi.


     Before you get any good ideas, I will get back to my Coinomi wallet and sweep them all.


     More BTG to become the richest.


     The address which starts with BTG1 is the upgraded version of the Bitcoin Gold address. So, if you are confused the one that starts with G is the legacy address of Bitcoin Gold.


     Now look at that. The accumulated amount in USD is 30 cents. Some of you might say that this is a waste of time but then again these are the original Bitcoin faucet coins which are practically air drops in the current setting. I did not buy or purchase these with credit cards and now it keeps on giving all the fresh juices and pulps from hard forks. If you truly are a cryptocurrency veteran, you know how satisfying this somewhat complicated routine is to the chosen few.That was one hell of a journey but I enjoyed every single minute of it because of you guys. Until next time.

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