How To Really Take Advantage Of Infinite Amount Of Bitcoin, Years After The Actual Bitcoin Forks Series Three

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     Above is the screenshot of my Guards wallet. All it takes is a couple of legacy private keys to claim and hold. It is as simple as 1-2-3. A few applications later I can see clearly how many of fork coins can be claimed by yours truly.


     According to Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 the legacy address below this image has a scripthash counterpart.


     Last month I started sweeping the first two legacy private keys into this Android Application.


     Two weeks later I was doing the trial and error thing as I try to extract as little Bitcoin Cash as I can to demonstrate that you can transfer less than 3 USD worth of Bitcoin Cash without worrying if the miners will bother to confirm a seemingly dust transaction. Well this proves that there is no such thing as minute transaction in the Bitcoin Cash Network.


     Less than a Dollar but this thing will go as far as your creativity in the field of hedging and investing takes you.


     As you can see this is a test to find out if they are going to mine this transaction and they did bother to mine it and 2.61 USD is a decent transaction in this network. Thanks a lot.


     I have sent the minute BCH to a hot wallet and it went through. In the world of BCH your transaction no matter how small will be a successful one.


     This is what I am talking about. Sweep capability right in front of you. What are you waiting for. Claim as many fork coins as you can.


     Scan or type your legacy private key right here and claim your fork coins. Coinomi has a practical way of giving you or providing you with a user friendly sweeping service. You can sweep a wide range of Bitcoin forks with this multipurpose wallet. This is the technology that you want to use as a newbie in the complicated world of cryptocurrency.


     In less than 25 minutes I received my fork coins. In a short span of time I was able to receive my fork coins. In this case it is in form of Bitcoin Cash. Just imagine that if this is a bank account in the Philippines the amount of penalty that my account will accumulate will not be covered by the amount of funds inside. Surprisingly, it was left untouched up until I decided to sweep some of my cold storage wallets to my Coinomi wallet. Again surprisingly the miner's fee is very minimal once I transferred the fork coins which became swept coins and I like it. I received at least 2 USD worth of fork coins which grew immediately days after it was transferred. The potential of value is limitless as speculation spree continues to push my Bitcoin to the stratosphere.

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