How To Really Take Advantage Of Infinite Amount Of Bitcoin, Years After The Actual Bitcoin Forks Series Two

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     We will continue where we left off from last week. The legacy paper wallet that we are referring to from the previous material which was published is an example of how secure the Bitcoin network is, from a very practical standpoint. Eight years ago it received a couple of dust transactions and the blockchain explorer could still see what happened with regards to this cold storage or paper wallet. Three years ago I swept the legacy private key of this paper wallet and what was left is some Mastercoin tokens. This is probably the only reason why there are 10 Satoshi left and there is no way to fully spend the Satoshi of this wallet. Anyways, once Bitcoin reaches 100 million Dollars, a single Satoshi will equal one USD. Although, as of writing 10 Satoshi is equal to one cent. And with One Bitcoin you can purchase a kilogram up to four kilograms of GOLD which is a very magnificent milestone.


     I utilized the power of Find My Coins to look for more fork coins. My legacy privacy key was quickly turned into a dust transaction gold mine.


     Just do your thing with the search field and it says immediately that we have 0.5 more or less worth of mixed fork coins. As far as this side of the web is concerned. My legacy Bitcoin wallet is a funnel of sorts for newer forks or is it the other way around.


     Imagine the sheer number of Bitcoin forks that you can find and collect.


     See the rest of the results of our simple search above.


     Again I used Blockchair's blockchain explorer to look for fork coins from an alleged Mt. Gox' wallet which is pretty much untouched and just look at how much Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV it has in store. As of the time of writing it is worth around 1.6 million Dollars. The Bitcoin Cash wallet alone is simply lots of USD judging by the present bull run. This is forking at a whole new level.


     Going back to our legacy private key my second cold storage wallet is still intact. Although I swept and spent it already. A few days ago I swept the private key of this cold storage wallet but for your needs as a reader I will show the Satoshi worth of the same.

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