Sheemee Buenaobra Has Signed A Contract Dated May 4, 2021

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Congratulations Sheemee Buenaobra

     Since, I am not the official publicist so this may come to you as some sort of a fake news exposition regarding Sheemee Buenaobra. It is really a hard to make assumptions based on available information but it is also a given that the mainstream media will not touch this story even with a ten-foot pole. They are busy publishing stacks upon stacks of click bait stories just to stay relevant in this crazy world of writing. Just look at the snapshot above, if the picture is not enough to express a million words then I really don't know what will convince or persuade you that Sheemee Buenaobra is now going all in with the help of GMA Network Incorporated. If this is some sort of a trap then I will definitely be called a moron but if this is confirmed to be true then I just gave you the juiciest story ever.


The Subtle Revelation

     If this is not enough evidence to convince you that she is officially a contract star of GMA Network Incorporated then I don't know what will convince you. This is an admission that she is no longer bounded by the non-disclosure agreement which she signed during and after the duration of The Clash Season 3 competition. She can freely state that she placed 3rd in the highly coveted singing competition. On some mobile devices this will not show up so please be reminded that I am not making this up. I just showed you a snaphot of her official Instagram account so if this turns out to be a trap then I really am a moron for taking the bait but if this is true then this is probably the first time that we are going to get the best chance to finally put a stop to the ongoing guessing game as to who were officially the Top 3 finalist last year. Look at that, she even changed her profile picture. Stay grateful is what she stated afterwards. Generation Z like her have this habit of being grateful all the time or being grateful forever. Don't worry for I am grateful forever that I am your pretentious publicist.


     The image above came from the Wikipedia page of The Clash Season 3. It is not stated as to who came in 3rd. It simply stated that three contestants were eliminated. Her revelation is indeed helpful.


The Frustration That We Felt Was Felt By Most

     Seriously, this guy Tristan is a masterful genius since he knew all along that "we gave the moment" to somebody which is 100% statement of fact. Somebody in the network must have watched 200 Pound Beauty and has become a plastic surgery fetishist. They must have thought a transformation story will be a great way to create some buzz in the middle of a medical martial law. When people are lining up to get a decent hospital space they are talking about Rhinoplasty (very wrong move). By the way, I jokingly stated that she will join Season 4. So many people are feeling this way. The restlessness that we feel when we know that something was stolen. We wasted on one hand a natural beauty and then create an artificial beauty on the other to grab their (star builder) virtue signalling moment. Fin.

P.S. Please be reminded that these are my views, opinions and educated guesses as to what is happening with regards to Sheemee Buenaobra's present state and future career. Do not resort to blackmailing her through my exposition. This is my responsibility as a pretentious publicist and I have to carry the burden until the day I die. Do not blackmail her family as this is my responsibility. I am fully aware that the pen is mightier than millions of rods of gods so the only person that you should blackmail is the author of this exposition which is me. The proceeds, payouts and rewards of this post will all go to the HIVE FUND.

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This is good news. I am a fan of hers for sometime now. This story is true as it is based on the existing facts on hand. If you are to ask me I will not wait for the official confirmation. This is the confirmation.

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Sobrang ganda ng balitang ito. Naiinip na kaming lahat. Sobrang bait ng batang iyan. Deserve niya lahat ang kung ano man ang naaabot mo ngayon. Na-Shadow Ban lang talaga siya. Kaya nagmukhang kaunti lang ang views niya sa YouTube.

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Tumpak iyan may nag-shadow ban sa kanya at sa iba pang nag-audition kaya nagmukhang mahina ang The Clash Season 3. Iyan ang kalakaran sa industriya ng pagkanta. Iyong mahilig sumali as contest ay minamarkahan para I-shadow ban at kapag nanalo sila at nagkaroon ng kontrata doon lang sila sisikat dahil tatanggalin ang shadow ban sa kanila ng isa pang malaking kumpanya. Kaya wala nang nagba-viral masyado ngayon kasi lahat ng media companies at may ganyang sabwatan. Haharangin nila ang pagsikat mo sa new media. Pati nga iyong YouTube channel ng The Clash Season 3 ay na-shadow ban. Noong inilipat nila ang video nila sa GMA Singers noon lang umarangkada ang view count ng mga contestants. Bakit kaya?

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Mukhang yung Myrtle look alike young pinatatamaan mo ah. Sumakit ang tiyan ko sa katatawa. Sana totoo iyan pare kasi sayang si Sheemee. Magaling talaga siya. Sobrang nakakahinayang kung hindi nila kukunin. Sandali nga baka nga The Clash 4 ang tinutukoy niya. Baka mali ka diyan.

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Salamat mga bossing sa suporta sa blog post kong ito. Mukhang mali nga ang ilan sa mga naisip kong dahilan kung bakit inalagay nila iyong mahalagang detalyeng nabanggit sa Official Facebook Page. Iyong admission lang kasi ng isa sa mga kamag anak/kakilala niya na mamimiss daw niya si Sheemee ay magandang basehan at kasama na rin ng mga sinabi ng ilan sa inyo na baka The Class Season 4 lock-in taping ang binabanggit niya. Gusto Kong I explore iyong SHADOW BANNING na anggulo dahil mukhang iyang mga Star Builder nang ibat-ibang media conglomerates dito as Pilipinas o kahit sa lahat ng parte ng mundo ay ginagamit iyan para hindi sumikat iyong mga ayaw nilang sumikat. Masaya rin ako na may napatawa ako sa ilan sa inyo. Sana suportahan ninyo ang susunod ko pang mga blog post tungkol sa kanya.

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