Crowdfunding on the Blockchain, Opportunities For Less Than 1USD

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Crypto Projects are worldwide projects, and people from all around the world invest in these idea.

For these reasons, people who live in California, where $15 an hour is minimum wage can "easily" invest in crypto projects.

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Minimum wage in California leaves you hurting at the gaspump, crying at milk prices, and forced into sharing housing

But because the entry price for crypto is set to the worldwide scale, Californians can buy in using only a tiny percentage of their income.

The current magical unicorn I am talking about is a project by @hivebuilder

This project is based off of a Hive Blockchain game called Splinterlands which is a card collecting monster game that grew and grew and grew. Those of us who were there at the beginning and invested time and money have watched to opportunities for wealth building grow.

Currently there is an investing opportunity that has to do with governance of the game. This opportunity has a steep start up cost so the @hivebuilder team are pooling funds together to get some governance.

In crypto speak, they are buying a node.

Its one of the coolest things that happens on the blockchain

When a bunch of "little guys" come together and become a "big guy" therefore making (and splitting among themselves "big guy money").

In this case, the payouts will be in a crypto based on the splinterlands game, and we aren't exactly sure what the profits will be like.

This is one of those investments where the interest rate varies, and sometimes there is a loss.

The team is backing the possibility of a loss by having a buy back program in which they will always buy back the token at the same price they initially sold it for.

Opportunities on crypto are abundant and its hard to know which ones to invest in.

Here are some of the reasons why I think investing in this is a good idea.

1) @hivebuilder has had succesful past projects

I myself bought into their hive-builder program. I don't remember the specifics, but I remember feeling good about putting my money in their hands, and receiving appropriate compensation.

2) The basis of the project makes sense

Their announcement is simple enough to understand. Splinterlands is a strong project. @hivebuilder is a good team

3) The entry point is super super low.

You can get started with less than a US penny. You can earn that US penny by blogging. If you are already part of the HIVE Blockchain, this is an easy thing to invest in

4) The Market is bleeding, it is a great idea to invest in something that will create income during a bear cycle.

The project they are investing in is based off a community that plays a game. That community plays during bear and bull markets.

You might see small payouts, but you will see continued growth even if the market keeps going down (unless the project fails) which brings me to the cons

5) I have had great experience with crowd funding or mutual funds on the blockchain

My main love @spinvest has grown into a multi-headed monster that keeps growing in bears and bulls.

I bought many of those shares when they were worth just 0.13 USD each.

I can brag about their growth.

Reasons you should NOT invest

Screenshot 20220512 7.15.06 PM.png
my favorite investment is bleeding, and so are many others. its just like that sometimes

It is always best to be transparent. I will be buying into this token, but in small bits and pieces, since I have other current goals going on.

These are basic reasons. They aren't meant to scare you, they are hard truths.

1) There are no guarantees in crypto

I invest here, but, there is nothing backing up your money. There is no FDIC insurance, there is no other insurance of any kind, and you CAN lose all your money by simply losing your wallet

Thi is true of any project

2) This is not a decentralized project

One of the coolest things in crypto is that there is no head, and there is no center.

In this specific chance, there is a head, which is the @hivebuilder team. And they are investing in a project that also has a head, which is splinterlands.

I am ok with this, because I trust both teams. I won't give them my mortgage payment, but I sure will throw some of my crypto dollars their way.

3) Although it costs less than 1USD to get started, its really hard to "get" 1 USD into the markets

Most people have to buy cryptos off exchanges, and buying 1 USD at a time is not really possible.

But you can easily earn it right here on this blockchain. Here is one of the teams that can easily help you get started

Will you be investing in this project? Do you have any questions left unanswered. Please comment, and I will research the answers for you.

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Thank you for the post.
Much appreciated

You are very welcome.

And, for anyone who did not catch it in the post, this account in this comment is where you go for first hand information.

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After all that I have no idea what I would be investing in, what or how I would see returns. So, I simply don't have enough information.

Info that would be nice to have: Who is the team, what exactly are they building and what type of returns could an investor expect to get, and how will the investment pay off.

Good luck with the project!

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Yes, thank you.

The team is @hivebuilder and they are crowdfunding to buy a node on the splinterlands platform which is akin to being a witness on the hive blockchain.

My intention was to write surface information so that a person who does not know what nodes and witnesses or even blockchains are can understand the bottom line: It is possible to start investing in crypto with very little money.

I'll be re-reading the post a few more times, and seeing where I can get more specific without getting more technical.

The returns are varied, with no guarantees. The only guarantee is that they will work towards buying a buy back wall so that everyone who does not like the token can sell it back at the same price they bought it.

I appreciate your comment. I am looking for a balance and comments like yours are what will help me find it.

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Got it! Crowd funding a node! That's helpful!

Hope it goes well.


I am sure I can add that in BOLD in the post somewhere.

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Hi will try answering your questions.
Tokens bought represent shares in a Splinterlands Node.
Similar to hive witness nodes, we would receive sps as rewards (depending on how many votes we receive which determines where we rank)
Feel free to check our account @hivebuilder we don't post much because we concentrate on actually making our token work rather than talk about it.
Previous posts will explain the token we run currently (defi token) you can read through the comments on the posts which will help with research in regards to us.
Also list of investors should give you confidence(rich list)
Our current token has dividends and a stable price with the most liquidity based on token supply on the hive-engine. Feel free to check it out.
We can't give you any numbers on returns as we don't know where we will rank. We hope if you buy the token you will also vote for us as other token holders will hopefully.
The rewards will be distributed to token holders and a percentage of the teams share will be used to provide liquidity and increase token price on top of your returns.
This concept may seem alien as no other token does this that we know of but previous history of what we have done shows we do things differently. We appreciate our investors and work hard for them. Any question do not hesitate to ask(could have made a post lol)

Thanks good information. I'll take a look.

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Screenshot 20220512 8.06.52 PM.png

This part of the article lets you know what you are investing in. Governance of Splinterlands.

Screenshot 20220512 8.08.50 PM.png

Here I showed who the teams we were investing with were.

I will add information on how the project will pay out.

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Interesting idea. I'll look into it.

I really like projects that leverage crypto and community.

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It always feels good to hold on to "projects" when prices are tanking.

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I can even buy a crypto for cents. No fees apart from rc. It is great to earn with not much. The other day I got a epic GF from splinterlands for my rewards. I just wish that Hive can return to ATH !

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Hive at ATH is INSANE!

So much fun.

Really though, I like HIVE at stable above 1 USD projects.

I like it dipping like this too, to shake out the weaklings who drain more than they add.

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Have you received the points ? I gifted you 2000.

I did thank you very much.

And I put them to great use.

I appreciate the gift :)

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Sounds great will be following you for more information.

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