What are you doing with your Steem holdings? Will you keep buying Hive when there won't be any more Steem to kill?

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The last few days I was wondering what are people doing with their Steem holdings as they are powering down their Steem stake. I mean, the vast majority of the active users, whether we are referring to content creators / curators and developers have migrated to Hive 100%, right?

Last time I checked and with all due respect to the Chinese / Korean communities 9 out of the 10 posts in every community I was registered into on Steem were written either in Chinese or Korean language.

Not attractive at all...

That being said, Asher's latest post came right on time.

He did his magic using sql(?) and presented the top 60 or so accounts who have powered up the most, ever since Hive officially launched, and surprise surprise...I was on that list.

I didn't expect that at all to be honest with you but it seems that I have purchased significant amounts of HIVE tokens the last couple of months without even realizing it...

My Steem stake when I pressed the powerdown button for the first time in my 2+ years of that journey was 38K SP.

I am now sitting at 86K HP.

If you do the math you'll understand that I've spent a fair amount of money (for my standards) to buy more Hive tokens than what my SP could buy me, even if I did convert all of the 38K Steem tokens to Hive tokens...(which I didn't)...

This is what I call commitment. Putting your money where your mouth is, is the only way to set an example.

Actions speak louder ya know...Besides, I do not self vote and I only enjoy some returns via curation. Which is good for the content creators I vote for :)

With that said and exactly because Hive's inception was gift for us all, I am really curious to see if people will keep powering up their accounts when their Steem powerdowns are over.

And I ain't talking about powering up their earnings from blogging, but if they will keep buying Hive tokens so that they have skin in the game...The thing is that there won't be any more Steem to kill a couple of weeks from now....

The next few weeks are definitely going to be interesting...

We might see some price action...the real question is...to which direction.

No one is obligated to convert their Steem holdings to Hive tokens and diversifying one's portfolio is a wise choice if you ask me. That's exactly how I managed to buy 2x the Hive tokens my Steem power could buy me.

Because I've been expanding my crypto portfolio the past 12 months or so and some of my other holdings are doing more that great. In case you wonder...ZIL and DGB are responsible for my Hive growth...

That doesn't mean I intend to stop buying Hive in small chunks every now and then. I strongly believe that Hive WILL perform according to its potential and will reach to heights that Steem couldn't because of its centralized authority...

So how about you? where are you sitting on @abh12345's list?

What are you doing with your Steem holdings?


Good going!

I have 86k too and 500 less than you.

Full list of accounts that have powered up 15 HP or more:


Nice seeing you grow your account mate. You love this place just like I and so many others do so it's not a surprise to me :)

Thanks for that list.

Hey everyone, just hit that link and check how you doing so far...

Cheers :)

Yeah, I think Hive is already in better shape than Steem has been for a long time (forever?), and am hoping the next few years are going to good ones.

Steem has gone mostly into Hive for me. Though I am not a financial advisor, of course, some I am just transferring back into whichever coin I had used to trade for it, i.e. BTC or ETH... But mostly it has been into Hive.

I am still wondering if I should do one last Steemit goodbye post or not.

I am still wondering if I should do one last Steemit goodbye post or not.

Do exactly how you feel like mate, even though I highly doubt that people care on the other side.

The only reason I visit this place nowadays is to transfer the Steem from my powerdown to the exchanges. A couple more visits and that's it...I don't even care to "milk" some rewards...Enough is enough

Understandable... Yeah, it would probably more be just for me to feel like I concluded the blog in some way, heh, if that matters. Pretty amazing to see where Steemit is today... Hive needs more promotion. Be well.

Congratulations, being on that list is an interesting achievement. From time to time your power falls on my publications and I'm glad to see you there because you are a very influential user in the hive.

In that list I am very far away, it must be a number with several digits :)

The steem, I didn't want to get it all out, but I'll get it. The few coins I have clear. Greetings

I wont use Steem chain anymore it's not the witnesses we vote for, so Hive is the only version at the moment I will post or curate. Power up Hive! Keep some liquid Hive tokens to trade, and buy more HBD when Hive rises. I still have some Steem in my account that I cant move but final powerdown is next week. They really pulled the plug there reducing powerdown to 4 weeks.

They really pulled the plug there reducing powerdown to 4 weeks.

I don't necessarily think that this is a bad decision. As a matter of fact a change in the code such as this one could benefit Hive as well and even attract some serious investors who don want their funds locked for 13 weeks...but that's just me.

Other than that, ya, Steem is a shithole atm

Ive been converting everything to Hive and it feels good. Thought about buying some btc or something, but decided to just take it all to hive. So far don’t regret a thing!

Ha! We need more people like you mate.

I agree that it will be interesting where will the price of both coins go after the next week or two... There will be less pressure on both of them... STEEM selling pressure, and HIVE buying...

Like most of the others, I have swapped most of my STEEM, but I'm thinking about waiting with the last power-down swap for a couple of days/weeks... Maybe I will get a better price for the Hive? Or, not? :) It's not a big money, so just for entertaining purposes... :)

Nobody really knows...Justin could pump the price or simply not give a fuck about Steem...At this point it's a guess

Exactly... He is a stubborn guy... I doubt that he just gave up from STEEM...

Awesome growth man! I haven't bought any Hive yet except for 800 Hive when it was around 0.08$ - 0.10$ but I am planning to do so in the near future once I find a decent job. For now I need to cover my expenses using my Hive earnings. Lucky me I've got a bit more Steem left powering down and I do not yet sell Hive.

Thanks mate. Good thing we can "mine" tokens while having fun here. You wouldn't be able to do that if you held any other coin, therefore you wouldn't pay your expenses ;)

Long live Hive!

δεν θα κρατησεις τιποτα απο SP???/.....θα το παρατησεις εντελως???

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