Power-Down and Undelegation Times of HiveEngine Token

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Knowing the characteristics of coins plays a big role in the decision making on whether to invest. Especially how long it takes to get staked tokens back to liquid or delegations returned can make a big difference. I didn't find this information collected elsewhere. I hope this is useful for others as well:

TokenUndelegationPowerdownPowerdown transactions
ARCHONimmediate33 days11: 1 every 3 days
ASH5 days4 weeks4: 1 per week
BEE7 days40 days4: 1 per 10 days
CCC7 days13 weeks13: 1 per week
CINE7 days4 weeks4: 1 per week
CTP5 days7 days1
LEO5 days4 weeks4: 1 per week
NEOXAG7 days13 weeks13: 1 per week
PAL7 days13 weeks13: 1 per week
POB7 days4 weeks4: 1 per week
SPORTS7 days6 weeks7: 1 every 6 days
STEM7 days4 weeks4: 1 per week
VIBES8 days4 weeks4: 1 per week

If you're interested in other tokens not listed here let me know in the comments then I can add them. If you find mistakes in the numbers above, let me know please.

Data Source

The powerdown and undelegation values are available from the HiveEngine API from the tokens contract:

params = {
  "contract": "tokens",
  "table": "tokens",
  "limit": 1000,
  "offset": 0,
  "query" : {},

The fields are undelegationCooldown, unstakingCooldown and numberTransactions.


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This is one of the very common question, however the answer was never so clear as it is mentioned in this post. 4 Weeks of powering down period is really manageable in case of many of these tokens. Cheers man

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Yes, 4 weeks for most of the tokens, but not all. I wonder if hive has plans to reduce to 4 weeks as well...
Thanks for your comment!

Yay! 🤗
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thanks for info again