Why investing in RisingStar can be profitable

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(...if you're anyway playing the game.)

Image: https://www.risingstargame.com

I started playing @RisingStarGame a couple of days ago. First, without any own investments, just using what the game offers for free at the start. As a fresh account without any cards, this is mostly the 'Illegal Busking' mission or sometimes the 'Open Mic Night':

Image: https://www.risingstargame.com

Long story short, it took me around a week to get to around 1000 STARBITS, the lowest amount to withdraw to HiveEngine to buy cards. Additionally, there was (almost) no chance to level up.

Yesterday I decided to use the 1000 STARBITS plus 1900 more bought on the market to get a 'Mid Range Tour Bus' NFT, coming with a few fans. This small investment opened the door to the next higher level of missions.

Let's compare the first missions:

Illegal Busking5 min15%1-15 STARBITS10 XP
Open Mic Night10 min20%10-51 STARBITS20 XP
Mid Week Support Slot25 min35%30-131 STARBITS51 XP
Busking With A License45 min65%60-251 STARBITS93 XP

Leaving random coffee and pizza bonus out for the moment, the energy recovery rate is 1% every 5 minutes. With that, the maximum number of missions per day can be calculated:

Missionsmax missions per dayRewards per dayXP per day
Illegal Busking19.219-288 STARBITS192 XP
Open Mic Night14.4144-734 STARBITS288 XP
Mid Week Support Slot8.2246-1077 STARBITS419 XP
Busking With A License4.4265-1112 STARBITS412 XP

Note: The actual max numbers may be even higher with random coffee (faster recharge) or pizza bonus (immediate recharge).

With that minor investment, I'm able now to earn within a day or two the same number of STARBITS I earned before in around a week. It is now a matter of another day or two until my in-game STARBITS earnings will level out the investment, with a significantly increased earnings rate.
I'm only at the lowest stages of the game now, but it feels so great to combine a game with a profitable investment! Checkout the available cards and see which investments may make sense for you.

If you haven't joined the game yet, I'd appreciate if you'd sign up with my reflink. There's no drawback for you and I get 1 STARBIT for each missing you complete. You can also sign up directly via https://www.risingstargame.com.


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