Graphic designing and it's challenges

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You love art and are good at communication and possess problem solving skills then the field of graphic designing can be for you. It's one of the challenging fields in which you have to be creative and constantly keep growing. In today's condensed market, making your own identity and to stand out in millions of designers is not easy. There are lots of tools you can use to create your designs. No matter which tool you use, if you can't think out of the box or create something different and new every time then you are bound to failure. It all depends on your willingness to grow and adapt continuously.
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Here are some of the challenges of the field of graphic designing:

Keeping up to date with technology:

You need to stay up to date on changing technologies, and softwares. Keeping an eye on new advancement is very challenging as you can never stop learning new things and staying abreast of technologies. It can be very time consuming too. There seems to be growing softwares and technologies everyday which designers are using.

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Communication is the key:

Designers must be adept at communicating with customers, understanding their psychology and cultures. Knowing all these is a part of your success in this field. Your design has to resonate with their demands. You must understand how to communicate through your designs too. You are communicating to your audience so they get the message you are trying to convey. First you understand your client's mind then pass it on to the audience through your designs.

Working within constraints:

There are always constraints which you have to keep in mind, whether it's time limit, brand guidelines, clients specifications or budget limitations. You have to be creative with all these restrictions. Once you learn to manage being creative with these constraints, then you will enjoy your work.

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Rejection and criticism:

This is the most difficult part of being a graphic designer, you must be prepared for lots of rejection and criticism. As criticism is part of the job you have to take it positively. Sometimes it can drain your energy but once you are able to create the required design your spirits would be uplifted and prepare you for your next job. Handle feedback constructively instead of taking it personally.

Keep learning:

As I have mentioned earlier that if you choose this field then you are signing into lifelong learning. Technologies are changing everyday. You have to keep learning to stay relevant and up to date as this field is broad including everything from print media to digital media.

There are some perks of being a graphic designer.

If you have creative flair then this field comes with lots of perks. Here are some of the benefits of this field:

  • Get more chances to be creative
  • Wide range of opportunities of jobs creations
  • You can work remotely
  • Flexible timings
  • You can have decent income
  • Keep learning and staying up to date with changing technologies
  • Self employment etc

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