I am already invested in spinvest-NEO! ;) However, for some reason I never got the payout this month? According to the post you put out recently I was supposed to recieve 5.8 SPI shares this month but I haven't received any yet? Was there a problem?? Any chance I could get you to take a look and see whats going on with that? I would really appreciate it :0)

DOOD! You gotta ping me or get on Discord. LOL

I will check, I know I sent it but it could have been mis-spelled 😱 but I doubt that...
verify your steem-engine account name that you used (should be this one)

I'm pretty sure I got it now, that message is a bit old. :0)

Good, I knew I sent it and was careful on Spelling LOL
But ya never know... I messed up on one name last time
and sent a little SPI to a dead account, I was gonna use
that screen name and intercept the funds, but it was taken.

0.2 SPI sent

No, each sub-account needs someone to run the account. I'm not really into PAL, it's not our target market it's full of unactive members.

ohh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know :0)