When buying there is always a sob story but you need to stay strong

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When you run a business that purchases items you need to stick to your guns or you will be taken to the cleaners as everyone is trying to squeeze you for every penny. What you need to take into consideration when buying is the guilt trips and sob stories you hear but you are buying an item and taking the risk of selling it for a profit and all you can do is smile and pay a fair price as at the end of the day if the person selling wants maximum price they can always try selling the item themselves.


Not every item has a sob story and most people get that your trying to run a business and this first item is a sweet little silver chain that weighs just over 2oz and has a chunky feel but the only thing that lets it down in my opinion is that it is a little short, i general sell heavy chains like this at £1 a gram so this chain would be £60 and should be an easy sell once cleaned.


This little gem of a silver ring looks really pretty and i cant take a pic to do it justice, it appears to be some kind of engagement ring with CZ stones set in a row. Ladies rings are difficult to sell as you have three things against you from the start:

  • Its got to fit
  • The ladies got to like it
  • They have to have the money

With that in mind you have to put a premium on rings as you usually keep hold of them for longer ammounts of time and this will probably be with me for a few weeks at least even at £12.


I also snagged another silver ladies ring but this one is less serious and will provide someone with a bit of fun with the flower motif which should catch more people and priced at £10 i figure a week and it will be gone.


This chunky silver bracelet is probably my favourite buy as it really will set off any gent whether it be in casual clothing or in a suit, these are really popular and easy to sell at £1 a gram and this one is priced at £65 and i figure it will be gone the next market day i do.

So remember stay strong and dont let other peoples problems become your own as there is a time for caring and there is a time for business. Stand for something or you will fall for anything.


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Keep the bracelet! It fits you!

I agree! I like that bracelet was thinking to make him an offer...but for the dang postage, booooo!

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i have a few bracelets even heavier than that but not really wearing silver much anymore

Nice dude! That bracelet is sweetness. Good luck flipping that stuff.

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Nice Bling today.

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