Why PeakMonsters BIDS feature is AWESOME and HOW TO USE IT

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PeakMonsters bids backdrop.png

What is the BIDS feature in PeakMonsters?

The Bids feature in PeakMonsters allows buyers to put an offer (or bids) to cards, and it will automatically buy the card for you once a seller lists at your specified or lower price.

Note: Your bid will be filled after all the higher-priced bids are completed.

To better explain this note, let me give you an illustration:

djinn renova.PNG
Djinn Renova bids as of writing

Let's say we have these bids for Djinn Renova. Before the bid with the star icon will be filled, the two bids with the red diamond icon should be completed first (or removed). This basically means that even if someone lists a card at 1.401 USD (price of the star icon), the bids at the upper rows will be prioritized.

Why would I want to use Peakmonsters' bids feature?

To save time and money! If you are looking to buy a card at a better price, and you have the time to wait for sellers, THIS IS A MUST-USE FEATURE. This tool will save you the headache of having to check the card prices at the market regularly, only to find out that someone already beat you to it. When using this feature, the only thing that you have to check is the "My Explorer" tab to see if the card is already bought for you.


Okay I'm sold... but how can I use this awesome feature?

Here are three simple steps on how you can easily use the Bids feature.

Step 1: Login to PeakMonsters and go to Buy tab.

PeakMonsters tabs

After logging in to your PeakMonsters account, simply click on the Buy tab. You can find this on the upper left part of your screen, beside My Cards and PeakMonsters logo.

Step 2: Go to Grid view, search for the card that you want, and click BID.

step 2.png
Interface after searching "Almo" in Grid View

In this example, we want to post a bid for a Regular Foil Almo Cambio. So I searched for "Almo" on the search bar that can be found on the right side of the screen. Feel free to search for the cards that you want and just follow along.

From our search, two cards showed up: Regular Foil and Gold Foil Almo Cambio. To make a bid for a Regular Foil Almo Cambio, click on the BID button as shown in the illustration above.

Note: This could also work in List view, use whichever view you prefer.

Step 3: Click BID again

After clicking on the BID icon in Step 2, we will click again on the BID icon as shown in the image below. This time, the BID icon should be on the left side of BULK icon and above CARD LISTINGS tab.

Step 3.png
Card Bids interface

After clicking on the BID icon, the Configure Bid pop-up window will show.

configure bid.png
Configure Bid window

In the Configure Bid window, we simply have to fill out the price (indicated by the red arrow) that we want to buy the card. If you prefer to set the buying price based on DEC, simply click on the current dropdown box (indicated by orange arrow) and change it to DEC. Fill out Total BCX and Highest Level Card(BCX) parameters based on your preference.

Now that everything is set, click CONFIRM, and you are good to go!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bids are fulfilled using your Splinterlands in-game DEC credits, so be sure to have enough DEC available.

bid added.png

After checking again the Card Bids for Almo Cambio, we can see that our bid priced at 7.10 USD is already listed (one with the star icon). If you want to update or delete your bid, simply click on the UPDATE button or the trash can symbol, respectively.


Completed bid example

Let me show you one card bid that was completed for me yesterday. In case you wondering, you can check completed bids by going to "My Explorer" in PeakMonsters, and use the "Sale" filter.

Two days ago, I posted bids for 85 BCX of Pelacor Deceiver at $0.10*. Yesterday, all of the transactions were completed. The best part was, these purchases were made while I was offline!


While it is obvious that I am not a great market timer when it comes to card prices (Pelacor Deceiver is now selling at $0.09), this still shows how convenient it is easy to use PeakMonsters' bid feature whenever you want to buy cards at lower prices.



  • All screenshots are taken from @peakmonsters website
  • Cover photo made in Canva
  • Cool-looking dividers used in this post are made by flauwy



Is there a way to do bids using in-game CREDITS (not DEC) ?

Unfortunately, none at the moment. As of now, you can only buy the existing listings using in-game CREDITS, but you can't use it for bidding.

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Been using last few days. Great way to get cards you want. Thanks

Can this feature be used on mobile devices?

Hi! It can be used on mobile devices, but the user experience might not be as good as the desktop one.

How do I use the bidding on mobile?