How to prevent climate change and save our planet

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There's always visible climate change in the world, we'll know that the world is rapidly changing and things are now different from how it used to be in the past, I can mention many things we see now that we don't use to be so years back, the weather, the season, the sun, for we that are living in Africa, our farm produce has reduced, we no longer harvest as much farm produce as we use to do before. I know it is not only in my country that we are experiencing this situation, I know is a general situation and almost everyone one and every country is also experiencing the same problem.

Climate change simply means changes in climate earth which can have over a period of time, climate change always comes with changes, and this changes has different effects it brings to man so of this effect are long-term effects and some are short-term, but there's always climate change in the ecosystem. Some planet change can also affect agriculture and humans health and not all climate change are natural, some are as a result of some activities done my people creating a release of greenhouse gases into the air and as a result this gases becomes harmful to man and the world at large.

Many countries experience different forms of climate change, like for example in Nigeria we always experience more rainfall in some parts of the country now more than before, due to the amount of rainfall we experience so have lost there houses and other important things they have as a result of too much rain and over flooding. Another cause of some of the climate change sometimes is the fact that people cut down trees wrongly, we can it deforestation and that cutting down of tres illegally, which most times result to climate change, so to reduce and prevent this climate change the rate in which tree's are being out down has to reduce. As a result of climate change we are also experiencing more increase in the hotness of the temperature, and people are complaining hotness every where here on my country, some even makes jokes saying someone left the hellfire door open, lol, this is funny, so the heat is too much to bear and this is as a result of climate change, the level of temperature we have here also have some challenges because people are suffocating seriously Because of it.

There are many ways and things we can do to prevent this climate change we are talking about, when it comes to the one caused my man, like the deforestation we talked about, to prevent this the cutting down of trees should be stopped, and trees that have been cut down should be replanted to prevent any danger to man, government can also help protect the forest and also help people know that the should stop cutting down trees for different purposes, illegal cutting of trees should be stopped and those that are cut down already should be restored back, this will help improve our environment and prevent us from experiencing steady climate change, and those who also release greenhouse gases should stop because this is another thing that causes climate change.

Enlightening people about the danger's of causing climate change and how the can prevent it is also important, because the will be informed and will not act in ignorance, the should also know what they can do if there's any climate change to prevent them from experiencing bad health as a result of the climate change. The government has a lot to do in educating it's citizens on the right path to follow for a smooth run of the country, and the should work hard to create a solution if there's any climate change to prevent lost of lives.

In conclusion; Most times we can experience climate change, and when we experience this we should work hard to avoid it damaging our health. We know that climate change is a natural phenomena, so it can occur but we have to try our best to prevent it and do things according and prevent things that can cause it, doing this will be very important to us.

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