Laws and rules that we can't do without

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Laws can be defined as a set down rules and regulations that governs a particular state, nation, country or community.

Laws are further defined as a laid down Constitution,in which every citizen of a particular state, nation, country or community.

Bill is known as a situation whereby laws haven't been approved by the president of the country. Before a bill becomes a law,it Undergoes many stages.

The three tiers of government has a role to play before a law is made.

  • The legislature makes the law.

  • The judiciary looks into the law to see if there is any adjustments.

  • Finally,the executive,carry out the law.

Every set of or group of people has a law, including groups, institutions, schools,hospitals etc.

Laws helps to shape people's helps to amend people's bad character. Without laws in a community, state, institutions, Schools,or nation, people will behave ungodly and there will be serious cases that will arise every day.

For example in schools, There are school rules and regulations which every student is expected to obey, these rules include, Don't come to school late,put on the correct school uniform,no slippers to school,Say no to indecent dressing,Do not fight in school,Do not steal,Etc.

We can see that without these laws or rules or regulations in a school, students will be behaving awkwardly, some will be coming to school whenever they want, some will fight and injure themselves, some will even dress like prostitutes to school.
These laws helps to shape pupils and students character in school.

Even religious churches also have doctrines which is their rules and regulations.Every member of that church tries to live up to the church's standard of living.It helps to shape characters and behaviors of the church members.

Let's take a big example now.⬇️

Nigeria is a country with too many states and local Governments.In Nigeria there are three arms of Governments and there are also three tiers of Governments.

The three arms of government includes, The federal government, The state government and the local Government.

The three tiers of Governments are, The legislature, The judiciary and The executives.

In Nigeria there are laid down Constitutions which are laws that every citizen of Nigeria should obey.
We further have what we call the Rule of law.

The rule of law states that the law is a respecter of no one. No one is above the law weather rich or poor,tall or short,man or woman,girl or boy, Youth or adult, young or old, everyone must obey the law and as such,every citizen of Nigeria is under the law.

The Nigerian Constitution are sub_divided into two main types, which are the Rigid Constitution and the flexible Constitution.

The Rigid Constitution is a constitution that cannot be erased or changed,once it is being signed by the president to become a law,it is said to be documented for eternity. Example Rigid Constitution in Nigeria is A person who kills an innocent souls that is to say a murderer must jailed for life imprisonment or death by stoning or death by hanging.

Flexible Constitution can be defined as a type of Constitution that is said to be changeable, unlike the Rigid Constitution,it can be erased at any time and as such it is said to be flexible. Examples of Flexible Constitution in Nigeria is, Only nuclear family must be done but now there are polygamy, monogamy, polyandry etc,at this point, the law is flexible and not rigid.

Would you love to know some of these Nigerian laws??

They are as follows.

  1. You must be 18 and above before voting in elections

  2. No PVC no voting

  3. A driver must acquire a driving license

  4. No murderer

  5. Say no to rape

  6. No Examination malpractice

  7. No theft (stealing)

  8. Say no to armed robbery

  9. No bribery or corruption.etc.

In conclusion; These are some of the Nigerian laws that has been entrenched into the Constitution, and this laws helps to maintain a healthy environment in the country as it all has each of their penalties. Every citizen of a country is expected to obey these laws as it calls for serious concern in the country.
Failure to do that attracts punishments. Today citizens of Nigeria tries to live up to the laws for the fear of sanction.

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