Is new world war of currency weapon is going to start?

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Today, the economic world is on the verge of a new world war in which cash will be utilized as a weapon of mass economic destruction.

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Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement formally proclaiming the use of the Chinese currency, the Yuhan, in trade exchange, particularly in the sale of gas and oil derivatives to China, the world's largest importer. Russia has followed the majority of the BRICS countries, mainly India and Brazil, in abandoning the green currency.

Following the end of World War II, the importance and strength of the US dollar began to rise globally, and it quickly became the most valuable international currency used in all types of trade exchange, particularly in the sale of oil and gas and all its derivatives, as well as a security currency for all the reserves of the world's countries, particularly Central banks, alongside gold.

The "Corona" epidemic, which halted all economic, commercial, financial, and international monetary stimulation, compelled all countries to reconstruct their internal structures. After the world's titans emerged from this horrific illness, tremendous rivalry for the top spot to dominate the new economic world began. The country's leaders began travelling all continents, not only to reinforce their position, but also to establish new agreements, alliances, synergies, and partnerships in order to ease themselves off of certain big currencies and economies.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict, sparked by fresh political forces, weakened Europe, split the globe into two fronts, and compelled the rebuilding and redrawing of the new Silk Road.

Finally, no one knows who will win in these rams. We are still at the start of a new global economic war in which any strike is conceivable and every spark or fuse may start a fire anywhere on the planet. It is difficult to anticipate who is going to win and who will be defeated, but one thing is certain: tiny and weak nations are paying the price for these worldwide battles.

In the context of international fluctuations, hot conflicts and cold wars, investors will flee from traditional currencies, and will resort to cryptocurrencies, gold, and real estate, waiting for the passage of this storm and this devastating tsunami and economic shocks and their repercussions that shake the world.


In the end, I still use my local currency without paying too much attention in this ongoing economic war for fame, and influence game.

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