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Andromeda Protocol is a new application platform layer operating across the multichain Cosmos ecosystem. It is unlike any previous platforms and is not easily comparable to any existing systems found on public blockchains. It is the platform to onboard billions of users, commerce, and value to public blockchain infrastructure because it has a complete set of tools to build Web 3.0 solutions. It provides pre-built smart contracts, a no-code smart contract builder, wallet, mobile and web templates, enterprise software plugins and an extensible frame-work. These tools enable rapid creation of solutions across vast new design spaces with access to cryptocurrencies, DeFi products, off-chain data/oracles and ready access for all new and existing projects.
Andromeda Protocol leverages its technical breakthroughs in modular NFT smart contract architecture to rapidly create custom interoperable, autonomous smartcontracts. Just as Heber Curtis allowed us to re-imagine our universe, the Andromeda Protocol re-imagines NFT Architecture to enable the rapid construction of Andromeda Digital Objects (ADOs).

Andromeda Protocol provides a web-based no-code smart contract builder. This is analogous to a no-code website builder where publishers can use wizards, widgets, and drop down menus to construct a website. In the same way, users can use menu-driven choices to select pre-constructed ADO functions or assemble new systems of ADOs previously called NFT Smart Contracts.

The Andromeda Protocol is governed using a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO). It manages the ongoing software development of tooling that facilitates the rapid-onboarding of entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses world-wide to all of the legally compliant use cases imaginable on public blockchain infrastructure. The Andromeda Protocol is engineered to be operable, and interoperable, across all Cosmos ecosystem blockchains. Federated support of the protocol by the members of the ecosystem unleashes the full potential of this new platform application layer.

Andromeda Protocol provides a set of tools that are used to fully exploit the signature breakthrough of modular smart contract architecture design.

Andromeda Protocol is available to all projects that need to create smart contracts to achieve their objectives using the untapped opportunities of decentralized infrastructure. Existing projects can wrap their smart contracts with our ADO framework or add and extend functionality. Solutions using the tools native to the protocol allows for the development of applications limited only by the boundaries of the innovative mind.

The Andromeda Protocol tools operate across layers, above the blockchain, which are loosely coupled, and abstracted with few interdependencies. The tools can operate in a discrete fashion which gives the overall system a high degree of fault tolerance.

The problem Andromeda Protocol solve


Stalled Innovation

Gas Fee and Execution Cost

Law and Compliance

Weak or Non-Existent Standard

Open Source Infrastructure Failure and Scarcity of High Value Talent

No On-chain Automation

No Tooling

Benefits of Andromeda Protocol.

Trust is embedded into Digital Objects.

Expanded and undiscovered (new) design space.

Eliminates a potential complex

engineering path-dependency to getting a project “on-chain”.

Pre-audited and tested modules.

Standardized off-the-shelf blockchain primitives.

User tools to bridge traditional and decentralized business architectures.

Fully armed business payload off-the-shelf.

Easily create autonomous agents.

Access the very best public blockchains in the world with 6 second finality and industry optimized and functionally optimized chains.

Rapid prototyping and innovation becomes possible.

Lowers the additive technical risks of: non-CosmWasm chains vs custom coding vs re-builds, and re-testing vs re-auditing, to highlight two.

Expanded off-chain functionality.

Access to the entire Terra ecosystem – Terra, Stable Coins, Mirror, Anchor, etc.;

Rapid-onboarding of traditional businesses.

ERP & eCommerce PlugIns.

DeFi and ADO

Consider, as an example, the following DeFi ADO, just one of potentially infinite possible configurations: a creator/user could, after careful consideration and acknowledgement of their potential local regulatory compliance requirements, build an ADO that can be purchased by multiple parties only after e-signing a legal document. Then the digital object could wrap a yield bearing instrument, where the periodic coupon is split across multiple users and then time-locked.

Further, it is possible that at the time of payment, each user’s payment could be split, and the paid amount goes to each user and their corresponding interest tax liability is stored in an interest bearing savings account (Anchor) controlled by the user and available at the tax period designated by the tax oracle.

This hypothetical instrument would use the

following Andromeda Protocol Modules: (i) whitelisting, (ii) structured transaction module, (iii) legal document, (iv) instrument wrapping, (v) payment splitter,

(vi) tax, (vii) timer, and (viii) oracle fetch. Notice that this DeFi ADO interacts conditionally based on human and oracle input. It autonomously operates on a schedule. Modules execute conditionally, and in the proper sequence relative to other Module successful execution.



Andromeda Protocol is exploring a number of promising tokenomic options by engaging globally recognized experts in this emerging field.

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